Enjoy The Cold Days In 24 Stylish Winter Outfits For Women

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When the temperatures drop, we cover up and cosy up. Sometimes we even put layers and layers of these fluffy, warm clothes just to stay warm. When you get so bundled up and lost in your clothes, it gets harder to express your style and to feel free, comfortable and confident. Heavy clothing is maybe one of the main reasons most people hate winter.

Every season has its perks and drawbacks, and unfortunately, winter often has more of the latter. Even the most fashion-forward among us might find it hard to make those bulky clothes work and still make us feel pretty and confident. You don’t have to feel like a polar bear when you put on your warmest winter clothes, and you don’t have to freeze yourself for fashion either. There are ways to get the best of both worlds and we’ll show you some of them here.

Winter clothes might not offer as much room to be express your true style, with a limited colour palette mostly ranging in earthy or cold tones, but working with what you’ve got, you’re sure to be able to pull off the perfect look for any occasion. Whether you’re going to a business meeting, a fun night out or are simply having a relaxing casual home get-together with your closest friends, have are certain you’ll find an idea or inspiration in these gorgeous winter outfits.

Let’s take a look at 24 wonderful winter outfits.

Sassy And Fluffy

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You can’t have a fun winter with some snowy winter sports. going to the mountain means wearing full winter equipment, but in the downtime, you can enjoy yourself, by dressing down, in form-fitting pants and a turtleneck, topped off with a teddy bear crop jacket and faux fur snow boots.

Cosy Business Casual

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Looking professional in winter is probably the easiest style to pull off since this is the only time of the year when the dress code for blazers and pants is welcomed.

Sexy And Light, Yet Warm

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Showing too much skin in the winter is next to impossible unless you want to freeze, but you can still look seductive and sexy, by combining tastefully knee-high boots, some flowy maxi skirt with a slit, a crop-top sweater and a quilted faux fur vest or coat to top it all off. Tasteful, and sexy.

Berry Sweet

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Don’t be afraid of knitted sweaters with patterns in winter, especially when the pattern is this cute. Strawberry patterns on a white bell-sleeved sweater with jeans is a great outfit for hanging out with friends or a casual date night.

Leather And Plaid

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Leather pants are quite a popular choice for winter outfits when going out with friends. They also look great with warm woollen sweaters, and a plaid coat which no one should be without in the winter.

Docs, Pants And Knitted Sweater

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Dressy, yet casual, this is a fabulous outfit for college and for hanging out with the gang. The semi-dressy style from the knitted turtleneck with a cute pattern, high-waisted pants with a wide belt is brought down to casual with the DMs and the overall styling of the outfit. Sometimes a tucked-in sweater can make a whole lot of difference.

Classy And Seductive

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The neat thing about a really stylish winter coat is that it covers up most of your outfit, and by what is shown, you can easily fool people into thinking you’re more dressed up than you really are. This cute green number is a great example. With a short skirt and fishnet stockings, you can wear any top you like, even a T-shirt, and you’ll still look fine walking down the street.


Sporty And Stylish

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While in winter we tend to leave the house less frequent than we normally do, it doesn’t mean that every outing is one we have to dress up for. You might be just going for groceries, or out for a walk, and you don’t need more than some cute sweatpants and a cropped vinyl puffer jacket to look really good while you’re at it.

Long Cozy Sweater Upgrade

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Every single one of us has that enormous woolen sweater that looks way too worn out to be worn in public, yet too fine to throw away. Instead of wearing it only at home, if it is long enough, with a belt and some over-the-knee boots you can style a winter outfit everyone would be envious of

Winter Rainbow

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As mentioned, winter clothes rarely offer many choices in the color department, but if you have a chance to get a rainbow coat like this one, take it. It will make you feel a lot happier during those long cold winter days.

Relaxing Knit And Jeans Combo

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Speaking of bringing colour to your winter days, don’t be afraid of looking big in your woolen sweaters. As explained before, everything is about proper styling. This is another more casual look, with a confetti sweater, rolled up jeans and some brown sneakers.

Flowy Skirt And Furry Coat

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Skirts are a sure way to accomplish a more feminine winter look. A warm maxi skirt with a geometric pattern, a form-fitting contrasting top, faux-fur, and some high boots is a fantastic outfit for work or date night.

Long Puffer Coat Dress

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Long puffer coats are not the most favorite winter coat choice, mainly because you can look twice as wide as you already are, and no one really wants to look bigger.  Yet, if you happen to have one of these coats, refusing to wear it, this styling just might change your mind. Look how cute this puffer coat dress looks and imagine how warm you’ll feel during your day.

Peachy Country

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Whenever you get a chance to wear some pastel winter clothes, do it. Don’t hesitate. This is a cute winter country outfit, with cute white cowboy boots, jeans, and a peachy turtleneck.

Earthy Business Casual

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Don’t you just love styles that allow you to go from work to dinner or the park without having to go home and change? This beige outfit gives you that and more. Black leggings and knee-high boots, leather purse, with belted tunic and plaid scarf.  Put it all together and the day is yours.

Classy Leather Pants And Fitting Top

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Leather wide-leg pants are not something we see often, but you have to admit that they do look good and offer you more comfort than regular skinny leather pants, without losing that sexy-rebel vibe only leather outfits exuberate. With a fitting turtleneck or blouse, this is a look that will definitely boost your confidence.

Huggable Teddy Bear Outfit

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Waiting for some friends to come over, but you don’t want to change from your cozy pajamas? You’ll need a pair of these huggable teddy bear sweatpants.

Warm On Top With Breezy Motion

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Another way to match winter clothes is my pattern or texture, like with this polka-dot skirt and sweater. Different styles and materials, but they do look good together.

Business Maxi Cardigan

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The maxi cardigan is like a winter robe. And you don’t wear your robe to work. Well, unless you stile it like this, with a leather belt, some leggings, and a coat draped over your shoulders.

Wrap Around All Winter Long

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Maxi wrap-around dresses are great and fit for almost any occasion. The same goes for wintertime. A warm wrap-around dress paired with boots and a bag will make you look ready for any event awaiting you today.

Cozy Around The Neighborhood

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Don’t want to look sloppy, but not too dressed up either. Try this. Dress pants, woolen sweater, coat, sneakers, and a beanie. Perfect stylish balance.

Winter Hoodie Look

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Hoodies are making a big comeback and we’re styling them in ways that never worked before. Leggings and a hoodie with a winter coat? Yes, it works.

Perfect Winter Mix And Match

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During which other season will you be able to combine clothing pieces from leather, faux fur and cotton in one outfit, and look absolutely amazing? Leather skirt, fitting woolen sweater, and faux-fur jacket. Fashionable and stylish.

Business Style In Warm Plaid Pants

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We can’t have a winter outfit with some plaid clothes, so we give you one last transforming business casual look that might fancy you. Plaid pants, monochrome turtleneck and contrasting coat. Serious, but sweet.

What did you think of our list? Which winter outfit fancied you the most? And if you have any styles to suggest that we might have missed, let us know in the comment section below.

Have a nice day and stay warm.

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