16 Audrey Hepburn Outfits For A Signature Style

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It’s a fact that Audrey Hepburn’s outfits never go out of style. I don’t think there’s something left unsaid on her wardrobe on and off screen. Her style, which remains distinctly hers, are complemented by her poise, elegance and grace. No wonder that Givenchy, as well as other fashion houses, were creating designs that she wore. Givenchy was her friend for long years and they were the perfect fashion couple representing an ideal model and a brilliant-mind fashion designer. Moreover, her photographs from the 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s have decorated a lot of teenage girls’ bedroom walls, while some of her clothes are considered iconic. The combination of her warm personality and great sense of fashion is what made her a great figure over the years.

The classic prints, incredible details, cropped trousers or black turtleneck are the ones we’re still channeling in modern times. Hepburn’s aesthetic is so timeless, that you can still reproduce her style by choosing the right pieces. If you are a bit tired of the modern trends and want to make a change, these are the perfect and unbeatable wardrobe choices that you can always go to. Her appearance was stunning everywhere she went, make the same impression yourself.

The key to her style is its sheer simplicity – you can go a long way with just a little. From black and white to monochrome look, mix and match, if you aren’t a fan of a certain colour, just get the style and silhouette right, and you can still have an incredible recreation. Some of her favourite items include black pants, ballet flats and oversized tops. Hepburn’s style is definitely ones of those that have survived for decades and still has a long way to go. Her classical attires can only be envied of. With a bit of a modern twist, you can have an out-of-the-ordinary look.

Having an important date, a business meeting or just a regular catch-up with friends or family? Have nothing to wear? But at the same time you want a dress to impress? I have picked a must-see collection of 16 outfits that you can try on, or at least they can give you an idea of how to combine your clothes and feel beautiful with the never boring Hepburn’s style.

CRAIASA Power Chic dress

Photo: instagram.com

The CRAIASA Power Chic dress is a creation that captures the timelessly elegant and chic style. This cocktail dress is the perfect choice for you to take some breaths away.

The Fae Gown

Photo: instagram.com

A gown designed for women who want to be stunning at their next black occasion. The flattering silhouette with a halter style and unadorned tie in the back will make you feel powerful and elegant – just like Audrie was.

Polka Dot Skirt

Photo: instagram.com

Feeling pretty on the inside? Why not feeling pretty on the out with this polka dot skirt combined with a white-collar black shirt. Dare to change it a bit and make it even greater.

50s/Early 60s Casual Fashion Inspiration

Photo: pinterest.com

A combination of cropped trousers, a cardigan or jacket of your choice, a white shirt, maybe putting on a 50s/60s scarf on the head with some spectacular sunglasses will capture the casual Audrie Hepburn style.

Contemporary Audray Hepburn

Photo: instagram.com

A simple black cocktail dress complemented with an accentuated long pearl necklace and black gloves. Don’t forget the awesome tiny tiara!

Little Black Dress Gone Day

Photo: instagram.com

Did someone mention a little black dress in the daylight? Exactly! With the jeans jacket, it’s a perfect combo for the day coffee. Voila – a street-styled Audrie is on the go!

Back to Basics

Photo: joannarahier.com

Simplicity is what’s so appealing in Hepburn’s style, therefore, this simple match that you can carry around all day long. Never getting tired of plain white shirts in various designs as it never gets out of fashion, not back then, not even now.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s in White 

Photo: instagram.com

A beautiful white crop top dress combined with a discrete necklace. Keeping the Audrie in this outfit, too. Get ready for your Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Audrey-esque Winter Look

Photo: instagram.com

You can carry the vintage esthetics on cold winter days. Warm yourself with an elegant red coat, nice shoes and don’t forget the spectacular headscarf – the result will be an Audrie-esque winter look.

Feminine & Timeless Black Pearl Chain Reproduction Dress

Photo: instagram.com

This stunning black dress is a fantastic pearl chain reproduction. It’s feminine and will definitely turn heads around. Pearl chains hanging on your bareback – a showstopper!

Classic Bow Pinup Dress

Photo: instagram.com

Another signature model of that time is the bow dress. Plain, figure-flattering and screaming with elegance. You can’t go wrong with this one.

1960s Cocktail Dress

Photo: instagram.com

Although it might be the 60s’ top choice, it still has the wow factor to be the right choice as a cocktail dress. The pink bow will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

Vintage Bombshell

Photo: instagram.com

A fabulous dress that will impress. No matter if it’s a vintage, with the right high heels and jewellery, be sure that you will feel like a diva for whatever occasion you will wear it to.

Life is Beautiful

Photo: instagram.com

Life is beautiful undeniably, but you can make it even more spectacular with this choice of clothes. This Audrie is on the Spanish Steps in Rome, but you can be the Audrie in any place worldwide.

Ready for Monday

Photo: instagram.com

Just a regular Monday at work with a black turtleneck and gingham leggings pants. Comfortable and plain for you to feel pretty whole day. Put on one of Audrie’s most popular clothing combinations.

Timeless Greens

Photo: instagram.com

Go green with a wrap green dress. If you’re not a fan of green choose another colour, the dress is flattering for any body shape anyways. A great choice for a business meeting or a coffee with friends. I am sure that even Audrie herself would like to be seen in this dazzling dress, too.

You don’t have to own expensive clothes to look spectacular, nor designer ones. All you have to do is to take a look at the photos, your wardrobe, and let the rest to your creativity. Or you can go shopping hunting the attire that will remind you of the exquisite Hepburn. You can be an Audrie Hepburn every day. Whether a casual, elegant, or classy look, you will feel like a diva in every situation. Don’t get surprised if for a short time you’ll be asked for fashion advice. Share your opinions and combinations of the Audrie in you.

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