Rock the Trend – Your Beauty, Your Fashion, My Advice

Let Me Introduce Myself

Whenever I hear about someone who is looking to personalize their style and achieve new beauty and fashion levels, I always feel obligated to do what I can to help them. I have spent a great deal of time researching these topics, immersing myself in others’ opinions and thoughts and learning from the world’s leading experts. I have also learned through trial and error, testing out different products on my own to see what works best. The further that I explore these areas, it seems the more that there is for me to learn. That, of course, is the mindset that I hold onto intentionally, careful never to get ahead of myself and to remain ever open to discovering fresh, outside-the-box ideas.

Fani GulevskaMy name is Fani Gulevska, and I am passionate about helping people live better lives. This passion has expressed itself in a variety of ways in my life, and in all ways, it has brought me a deep sense of fulfillment, reinforcing my drive to be a force for good in the world. I earned my Master of Science because science fascinated me, and when it came time for me to pick a career, I decided to become a nutritionist because it involved science and because it was a way to make a positive impact on others’ lives.

As a nutritionist, I am a problem solver. People tell me how they are living their lives, the things that they are eating and the habits that they have developed, and I point them in one direction or another, offering my advice based on my experience, my knowledge, and my understanding. A big part of my work is listening, hearing what my clients are telling me and then analyzing that information against the best conclusions modern science has to offer.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, I apply the same processes and mindsets to beauty and fashion. While other beauty and fashion professionals may simply look at something and decide what they think of it based on the way that it makes them feel, I prefer to go deeper. I prefer to take an analytical approach to everything, balancing what my instincts are telling me with what the data is telling me, combining the abstract with the definite.

As a nutritionist, I have done my share of research work, even publishing my own academic article in a well-respected journal. A proud mother of two daughters and a loving wife, I am a woman who cares deeply about family. That is something that drives me forward and pushes me to work as hard as I do. Even going beyond my natural empathy, the deep sense of stewardship that I feel for all people, I want to provide for my daughters so that they can grow up knowing that whatever they want to do – they can do it.

The Inspiration for Rock the Trend

As fulfilling as my career as a nutritionist is, there was always an entrepreneurial urge inside me, something pushing me to seek out new challenges. It was not that I had become used to my work as a nutritionist – but that I wanted to expand my horizons.

Like most people, I had run into less-than-ideal products before. That was always disappointing for me, spending my hard-earned money on something based on an advertisement or a shop listing only to find that it was not what I had been looking for. I understand how tough it can be to separate beforehand the good products from all the other products – and the great products from the merely good ones. Little by little, I felt myself inching toward a business idea, merging all my passions with the breadth of my skillset, all in service of others.

By the time I started building Rock the Trend, it was months coming. I had brainstormed a ton of ideas for the venture, devising a strategy for launching the brand and connecting with the right partners to make the whole system sustainable. My husband could not have been any more supportive, encouraging me and even offering some of his own input on my work methods.

How I Review the Products

I take a methodical and wide-arching approach to reviewing products, drawing on a variety of resources, including consumer reviews, feature listings, and even my own testing.

Throughout the beauty and fashion industries there are many more poor-quality products than there are ones that you would be happy to buy. I get that. As sad as it may be to admit, the majority of companies are not looking out for their customers, preferring to cut corners and use second-rate ingredients if it will save them a dollar or two in their bottom line. Without any regard for your style or even your well-being, they slap a label on junk and then try to pass it off as something worthwhile.

I’m not falling for it, and when you turn to Rock the Trend, you will never find yourself falling for it again either. Basing my reviews on due diligence and in-depth research and analysis, I take my reviews seriously – just as I take the trust that you put in me seriously. I cross-check all my categories against my audience’s needs, judging the products accordingly.

At Rock the Trend, your beauty and fashion are of paramount importance. You can count on me to pass on information that is reliable and intelligent so that you can make a decision that you can be happy with.


If there are any questions that you have for me about Rock the Trend, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am always available for feedback as well, so if there is something that you would like to see me review or something on the site that you think I could improve, I would love to hear about it.

You can reach me at f[email protected]. I will respond to you as quickly as I can!