Glam The Glam With 27 Date Night Outfits

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Dates. Yes, the most important events of your life. A date is a date no matter how old you are. It is a night to impress your date. But, to do that you need the best outfit there is.

A date night used to include getting all dolled up and leaving the house. Because of the limits in place to try to prevent the spread of corona, dating nights are a little different these days. However, if you and your partner prefer to wine and dine at home, you can still dress up for the occasion in a skirt and heels. Putting together the perfect date night attire can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s important to look and feel well while still dressing correctly for the occasion.

When you’re simultaneously dealing with a global epidemic and a variety of weather-related problems, deciding what to dress can feel nearly impossible. In the world of fashion, there are no rules. So, experiment with color, mix and match patterns that speak to you, and take a page from the ensemble above, blurring the lines between casual and formal dress. Doing so will likely give the night a unique flavor.

A dress and boots are just as classic as a skirt and heels for a date night ensemble at any time of year. You can look stunning in a maxi dress, charming matching sets, or a light blazer—and if you’re hosting an at-home date night, any of these luxury dressing gowns will do the trick. There’s always a cause to dress up and venture out with your fling, boyfriend, or partner, whether it’s your first or fortieth date.

With the present condition of the world in mind, we’ve picked up enough date night wardrobe inspiration to suit every situation. Here are some of the coolest outfits influencers are putting up on Instagram and Pinterest to help spice up your date night attire, from changing into some upgraded loungewear to dusting off the skirts and dresses you retired months ago.

Summertime Date Night


Dresses might be the best choice for hot summer night dates, but they don’t give you as much freedom as wearing pants, or shorts as the case may be. And if you think shorts are not that suited for a date, think again. A nice pair of linen shorts and a cute spaghetti strap top give you an equal amount of fun, flirty and fancy suited for dinner or a casual date-night walk.

Classy Date Night


There’s something about muted metallic outfits that make us feel powerful, especially a golden dress. A cute design, like a one-sleeved dress, halter-top or asymmetrical shape brings out the flirty to the elegance of the dress, making it a classy date night choice.

Convers Combo


Glam is not the only thing you can bring to a date night. Men love women that keep it real and are more natural, and to be honest, it’s nice to feel absolutely comfortable and wild during a date. And if you’re planning a concert or bar date, converse, jeans, a T-shirt, and a waisted jacket is could be the perfect combo you’re looking for.

Sporty Elegance


Jeans and covers are too laid-back for a date? All right. Kick it up just a notch with a flowy skirt with a fun pattern and you can still pull off the converse and printer T-shirt with some elegance. And don’t forget to accessorize.

Cool Pants


A shirt and pants are considered more of business attire, but luckily for us, ladies, many designs can turn the business into classy casual wear. High-waisted belted pants and a billowy shirt with a plunging neckline gives enough sexy without being too square.

Rock the Sweater


Who said sweaters can’t be a date-night outfit? After all, why should only be the only ones who can dress comfortably for a date? A colorful open-necked sweater and some short jeans or a miniskirt, a chunky belt, and some cute jewelry are a sweet choice for a relaxed date.

High Waist Jeans


The date destination can be everywhere and anywhere nowadays, sometimes continuing to different locations. Charming a casual, the jeans are always a nice choice, and a light-colored cropped blouse or sweater is a nice choice for hopping from place to place on your date.

See-through Dotted Dress


Are you’re expecting a very special date where you like to truly spice things up, without being too obvious about it? The always-popular and sexy little black dress with lace sleeves and neckline for adding that touch of modesty and mystique. Your man will love it.

Elegant Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits are gaining more and more popularity, and the appeal is that they’re simple, yet elegant and most important, you don’t have to think about putting together an outfit. Saves time and you look fabulous.

Christmas Date


Winter dates can be more stressful for most of us since it’s harder to look cute and sexy when you have to put on layers and layers of clothes just so you can keep warm. No one should suffer that much for style. Fear not, you can pull off a fashionable Christmas date with a tight-fitted tunic, or a long woolen dress and high heel boots, combined with some scarf and leggings.

Stylish Pleat


There’s something about pleated skirts that makes you look cute and flirty no matter your age, and you can wear it with both long and short-sleeved tops, making it a solid choice for a date no matter the season.

Disco Date Night


Your date is taking you out dancing? And you want to dazzle him? A golden sequined dress will certainly do the trick.

Black and White

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Not sure how to combine different colors and patterns? Then go for the classic black and white combo. The black bottoms will make your legs seem leaner and longer. while the white top will open up your face and accentuate your… upper body. What’s there not to like?

After-work Date


We live in a fast-paced world and as the busy ladies that we are, we can’t always waste time going home after work to get ready for the date. and you can’t actually go all dolled up at work either. A nice in-between style comes in handy here. Business casual with a touch of sexy, high-waisted tailored pants, a nice tank top, and a stylish jacket, with high heels to boot. Bring that power game to the date.

High-Leg Opening


Bright and cheerful colored outfits attract and display the same feelings. and you don’t have to be looking like a rainbow to show that you’re outgoing and fun-loving, yet classy and elegant. High slitted long skirt and a body-hugging top is nice way to show that.

Purple Date


Purple is often associated with peace, independence, and mystery. Even if your man is not aware of this, wearing a dazzling purple number is a good way to boost your confidence and sexiness to the next level.

Black Chic


Women’s power suits are absolutely gorgeous. Show that you mean business and make your power and independence perfectly clear to your date. If he can’t handle it, then he doesn’t deserve you.

Low Back


Men love when we show off skin, and thankfully, today that doesn’t mean that we have to wear overly skimpy and revealing outfits. In fact, men find it more attractive when we how them glimpses of that we hide underneath. So, jeans and a long-sleeved blouse with a low back are sure to tease your man in all the right ways.

Silk and Jeans


Another way of teasing is wearing a piece of clothing that begs to be touched and caressed, like a nice silk top. It gives a nice fit and flow to our body, with a smoothness that will leave your man itching to touch it. Whether he’ll get the chance or not, you can decide by the end of the date.

New York Style


When you want to feel comfortable on a coffee or brunch date, you can get away with a street-style outfit. You will look amazing in some distressed blue jeans, a provocative black top, and a pair of nice high heels to finish the look.



For a bar date, dancing date, or even a cocktail party date, a short tight dress should not be overlooked. And if you want to turn heads and make your date proud to be with such a beauty, you can bring out the tigress in you with an animal patterned dress.

Purple Elegance


Purple is the color of class and royalty. While men should always respect the women they’re with and treat her like a queen, it’s nice to remind them of that once in a while by putting on a lovely elegant number like this deep purple dress.

Autumn Colors


We all have our quirks and that’s what makes us fun. For a late fall date, when Halloween is around the corner, show your playful side by dawning a fun blouse and a colorful skirt in the colors of autumn and Halloween

Lacy Lace


Colors and styles and not the only way to spice up a monotone outfit. Remember that you can always play around with textures. Try to get your hands on a little black dress with a twist, one with lace. It gives you a bit of added cover and a unique look.

Africa Inspired Date Dress


Tie-died clothes with bleach are coming back in style fast, so no matter your age you can be trendy on your date with a stylish version of this clothing trend. This gorgeous dress is the perfect example of blending splatter patterns and bleach-like stains to accentuate the flattering body-fitted dress long-sleeved dress.

High Boots, Long Coat


You never know where the date might take you, and that’s the fun of it. Be prepared to be both lightly dress, yet comfortably cozy, by layering your dress with a long coat and some high boots.

Matching Outfits


Dates are important to keep the spark going when you’ve been in a long relationship or marriage. Make your date-night special by choosing matching attire with you and your bae or hubby. It’s romantic and incredibly cute.

Now that you’ve seen our ideas, get inspired to look perfect on your next date. And don’t forget to share your thoughts, ideas, and outfits in the comments below.

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