15 Cute & Feel Good Pastel Outfits For Every Season

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We’re embracing soft and spirited pastels like milky pink, buttery yellow, and muted mint.

After the year and a half that we had, we’re in the mood to add a little fun into our everyday wardrobes. We’re embracing soft and spirited pastels like milky pink, buttery yellow, pale blue and muted mint.

We have no doubt you’ll enjoy all the suggestions, so we’re giving you a head start—here are 15 ways to wear them.

Ideas for ladies who wish to add a romantic and slightly innocent air to their image. Pastel shades tend to remind us about something ethereal and soft. Plus, pastels are very pleasant to the eye. Get an idea of combining items in pastels here. Besides, pastels look good on every skin type and can elevate your mood if you are feeling down.

So, with that in mind, take a look at some of the best cute pastel outfits for women!

Women’s Couture

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The first outfit offers simple white jeans and a muted mint blouse, but the main piece is the baby pink coat. Softness all the way! You can wear it during the day or at dinner, maybe add a matching necklace and voila!

Yellow, Pink, And Blue

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Twining with your bestie is always a good idea, right? These long silk skirts and soft sweaters can make you feel all the feels while enjoying lunch with your friend.

Pastel Pink Power Suit

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Work hard, look soft… and beautiful, as always. Business does not always need to be hard and complicated. This power suit is perfect for a day at work or an important meeting.

Comfy Scarf

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Whenever cloud, wear the softest scarf and relax! This scar can be combined with white, powder pink, black, and grey-coloured pieces.

Friday Feeling

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It’s fry-yay! Your favourite white dress matched with the powder-coloured short jacket are the outfit you need. Going out with your friend is always more fun on fridays.

Oversized Is In

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Newest fashion inspires women to embrace their bodies and make them comfortable. These oversized pieces can make you feel feminine and boost your confidence if you’ve got body worries. So relax and enjoy what your momma gave you.

Wavy Embroidered Sweats

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Thank whoever you pray to that sweats are trendy nowadays. Fashion has given you permission to dress in comfort whether you are chilling on the sofa, heading to town with friends, or braving the shops. Pastel colours are lovely when it comes to sweats. They make a boring sweatshirt or joggers feminine and pretty, without taking away the comfort: team pastel peach or pink with a dove grey or cream for a stylish look or, be bold and team your pastels with much darker tones.

Ice Cream Inspired

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There is more than one reason to love the summer season, but let’s start with the basics! The pastel palette isn’t just limited to the pinks and the blues but extends far beyond that. Green, purple, and even yellow hues are muted down to give us the most fun and fresh colors. Just like this perfect ice cream combo with mint green shorts and a purple shirt!

Winter In Wonderland

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If you still think that the light pastel colours are merely suitable for spring and summer, then you are wrong. Most people wear outfits in darker shades in winter. But, if you add some pastel hues to your winter look, the winter outfit will be more light-mood and it will be more alive. This is one of many examples of how to match pastel-coloured sweaters and white jeans.

Peach Perfect

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For autumn though things start to smell like pumpkin, this peachy skirt is the ultimate compliment to a grey sweater and white sneakers. Enjoy all the smells and the coziness of the pastel colours while looking amazing!

Layer It Up

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Pastels are magnificent when it comes to layering. Start with pastel pants. Then, add a pastel sweater or a gray one. Layer up with a long cardigan or a coat for a relaxed and trendy look. Add a chunky pastel necklace or oversized scarf, depending on the weather. Stick to the theme with a pastel bag or a backpack. When it comes to layers, pastels work.

Office Glam


Going to work does not mean wearing all the usual work colors. You can space up white pants with a beautiful pastel-colored shirt or a fancy blouse and a pair of elegant shoes. You will feel so much more productive and relaxed while executing every task.

Pastel Ombre

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Want to look and feel good on a wintery night? No need to wear only dark colors. This pastel balayage sweater will I’ve you all the feels, I promise!

Pink And Green Perfection

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For a daily casual combination, this choice says spring go me. Even reminds me of Easter. The green pants match perfectly with the ’90s styled pink shirt and the cute pink socks. Accessories are always welcomed, especially if they match the other pastels that you are wearing.

Soft And Pleasant Skirt

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This combination is suitable for many occasions. going to work, dinner with friends, shopping with girlfriends, lunch at your parents’ house, you name it. The white shirt and the soft & please pastel orange skirt are ideal for every situation.

Looking into your closet right now and wondering why you never invested in pastel color clothing? Don’t worry, shopping is always a good idea. Besides, this kind of change is something you can do and be sure that you’ll feel good.  Can’t wait for your feedback and hope you liked some of these combinations. And, I am looking forward to seeing some of your pics. Leave a comment down below and share your pastel outfits with me!

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