17 Skimpy Outfits That Are Not Overly Revealing

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If you feel like wearing something bold, sexy, and overly revealing then I have some outfit inspiration for you. I have made a combination of outfits that are casual, sporty, classy, elegant. So, no matter if you’re getting ready to go out, maybe work out, even travel, I got you covered. There’s something for all my good-looking ladies who feel confident and comfortable in their bodies and rightfully so want to show their curves, muscles, and skin and be feel great while doing so.

Outfits ideas if you’re going to the gym, outfits for a day out, going out to a party, even some ideas if you want to stay at home and still look great. I have some really great outfit ideas for a date night, maybe if you’re travelling or going to do your errands.

I hope you like my suggestions and I hope to inspire all you bold and confident women. Pick and play ladies!

Colourful Naked Belly Sweaters

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Let’s start with some options! No matter if you feel like wearing your leggings or a pair of jeans, a rainbow-coloured sweater will not only cheer you up but will make you look good as well. I love that you can match it with just about everything and it looks so good revealing just the right amount of skin. If you want to show some skin and some abs, this is a perfect choice for you.

Sexy In Pink

Photo: pinterest.com

Do you enjoy going out and having fun? This sexy edition is the one for you. The silk pink shirt is a statement piece. I love the deep cleavage and the ripped sleeves. Wear it with a shite mini skit and high boots, and you’ll be the queen of the night. May steal some looks see well. Enjoy all the attention girl!

Classy Black

Photo: pinterest.com

If you like wearing black and some more calming colours, I think you gonna love this outfit. Wear a beige pair of linen pants and this very cute sleeveless blouse with the straps falling down. It has that elegance, spiced up with some sexiness. It’s an outfit that you’ll make an impression with, that’s for sure.

Plaid Around The World

Photo: pinterest.com

Ready for travelling and looking like pure perfection? I have just the outfit for you. This matching plaid skirt and jacket are on point! If you want to “zhuzh” it up a little bit, add the white crop top and a pair of white glasses. Yes, your white purse is a must, so that you can go and see the world while looking stylish as ever!

Sporty And Cheek

Photo: instagram.com

Are you a sports fan? Love pink too? Don’t need to be a cheerleader to pull out his look. All you need is a pink leather skirt and a jersey of your favourite team, in this case, a black and pink one, and you’ll be all ready to have some fun girl.

White Woolen Dress

Photo: instagram.com

Even in those colder days, I have something for you to wear and still look sexy and attractive. A white woollen long-sleeved dress with a naked shoulder. You can add a belt if you want to show of those curves and wear a pair of black boots or stilettoes.

Workout Babe

Photo: instagram.com

Workout clothes can be fun and sexy as well. If you’re a gym babe, this matching workout outfit is the one for you. I love the darker autumn/winter color, and the sports bra is very fashionable as well as practical. Keep on working on those abs and show them off while you look amazing.

Comfy Beige

Photo: instagram.com

Let’s get down to business. This is one of the most popular outfits lately, and not only because it’s so comfortable and good looking, but it fits most body types. If it feels too sporty, you can add a cheek pair of glasses or a designer purse, a lot of jewellery.  You’ll be one hot babe that’s for sure!

Stylish Elegance

Photo: instagram.com

One of the most simple, yet modern everyday outfits. Loving the short jeans and the long-sleeved white shirt. Put on a pair of white sneakers and you’re set to go. This is an outfit that can be worn on many occasions and places.

Denim Everything

Photo: pinterest.com

Who doesn’t love wearing denim? You can mix and match with denim textures, denim colours, and styles and look perfect. Jeans with a white top or a white pair of jeans with a jeans jacket with naked shoulders? Whatever you choose, you’ll look amazing and very fashionable.

Long-sleeved Dresses

Photo: pinterest.ca

Want to look sexy on those winter days and not wear a ton of layers on you? Just pick your favourite colour knitted dress that has deep cleavage and a designer pair of boots. Fashion and comfort all day long.

See-trough Boho

Photo: pinterest.com

How amazing does this outfit look? One brown velvet mini skirt, a black bralette, and a see-through lace shirt and you’ll look cheek and very sexy. Feel free to accessorize with some sunglasses, a purse, cheek pair of boots, or shoes.


Photo: pinterest.com

Let’s not forget a going-out outfit. This blacktop is on point. Not revealing too much, looking classy as well. But the skirt is something special. The front is shorter, and the back is longer, princess-like. Just add your stilettoes and off you go into the night having fun while looking like pure perfection.

Summer Vibes

Photo: pinterest.com

The hot summer days may be behind for some of us, but if you’re off somewhere warm or having a vacation on a beach, this is the perfect outfit for you. The twisted checkered skirt and the white top are everything you’ll ever need, besides your swimming suit. If you’re out for a walk, add up the white sneakers and enjoy everything around you.

Cozy Everyday

Photo: pinterest.com

How do you like this outfit? A pair of denim shorts and the gorgeous lace top with the deep cleavage is all that you gonna need to look hot as hell and feel good on those warm days.


Photo: pinterest.com

Plaid all the way. Dark blue and brown colours are some of the most classy colour combinations. This pair of pants and the matching short-sleeve top look great for a business casual occasion. The high heels are optional but look so good with this outfit. Like a real boss lady!

Winter Wonderland

Photo: pinterest.com

If you want to show some skin on those cold winter days and still look good, this is the outfit for you. All you need is a pair of black jeans, this amazing red sweater with the naked back, and your favourite winter hat. You’ll be noticed, I’m sure about that.

Not everyone has the confidence to wear this kind of outfit, but for those who are, I hope you found some inspiration for every occasion and I’m sure you’re gonna look amazing. Please share which one is your favourite and maybe share some of your ideas. Feel free to share it with your friends and give a thumbs up!

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