24 Adorable Mom and Daughter Matching Outfits For Every Season

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As any parent will tell you, fashion is not reserved only for adults, it is also a pretty big deal for children, as well. We all know that mothers really love dressing their kids in a lot of fashionable and trendy outfits. And we can all agree that there is nothing cuter than little daughters matching their outfits with their mommies.

They can go shopping together and dress up together, buying different kinds of clothes that they’ll both love. Shopping together should start early and it is a fun activity for mothers and daughters and something they can do as a tradition even later in life. There are so many different shopping malls and stores that sell clothes for children and adults. Sometimes, there already are matching sets, but it is way more fun if you try to match outfits yourselves.

Daughters look up to their moms and want to copy everything their moms are doing. So, mothers, lead by example and take your daughters shopping with you. You will definitely have a lot of fun dressing up and you will enjoy the time spent bonding with your daughters. Plus, you will make some adorable photos that will last for a lifetime.

If you lack inspiration, here is a list of 24 matching outfits for mothers and daughters. Have fun!

Faux Fur Jackets

Photo: instagram.com

Pink and faux fur for girls? Sold! This outfit looks too cute to handle! The fur looks like feathers and it gives a romantic vibe. Choose this outfit for an outing in the city or a kid’s birthday party. You’ll both turn heads, for sure!

Sweatpants and a Leather Jacket

Photo: instagram.com

This outfit is all about comfortability. Plus, sweats are so trendy right now and this beautiful beige color will brighten up any day. Pairing them with some cool sneakers and a classic black leather jacket makes a timeless combination that will never go out of style.

Leopard Pajamas

Photo: instagram.com

Who doesn’t love a leopard pattern? Enjoyed by both kids and adults, it can make a great outfit. These pajamas look so comfy and cozy and they are the perfect clothes for spending the day in bed, watching movies, and being silly together.

Chocolate Fall Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

A chocolate leather skirt and black boots are the perfect fall outfit. If you want to look trendy, this outfit is a perfect choice. You can accessorize as much as you’d like to complement it. Don’t forget your sunglasses for those warm, fall days. It looks so cool, right?

Polka Dot Swimsuits

Photo: instagram.com

Polka dots are definitely something that both kids and adults love! As a pattern, it can be combined with almost any color. It looks especially cute on swimsuits. Going to the beach with your little girl in these matching outfits will be so much fun.

Photo: instagram.com

Matching outfits don’t mean just outfits that look the same, but also, shirts with fun mother-daughter phrases written on them, such as these ones. Although you know who the boss in your family is, displayed on a t-shirt sure looks like a lot of fun.

Plaid + Jeans


I think there is no doubt that plaid is the best pattern for fall. A lot of us can’t wait for fall to begin so they can wear comfy plaid shirts. This outfit looks very cute and cozy. You and your daughter will look like a mother-daughter duo from a magazine.

Tropical Vibes

Photo: instagram.com

Just like plaid is a signature pattern for the fall season, the tropical pattern is perfect for the summer. These cute mommy-daughter dresses look so adorable. I am sure you can wear them all summer long and never get tired of them.

Floral Garden

Photo: instagram.com

Another great summer look, floral dresses! You can’t go wrong with florals. You can wear a floral dress for any occasion, whether it’s an outing in the city, a birthday party, a day at the pool, or a night out with your family and friends. Either way, you’ll look amazing.

Plaid + White

Photo: instagram.com

White sneakers, an essential part of clothing, a style that’s always trendy. You can wear white sneakers with almost anything and this little outfit looks so adorable that you’ll want to wear it every day. White and plaid – a simple, yet perfect combination.

Whimsical Capes

Photo: instagram.com

Turn heads wherever you go with these matching outfits that consist of a simple shirt, jeans, and whimsical capes. You’ll make a fashionable mother-daughter duo.

Feminine Wrap Dress

Photo: instagram.com

The wrap dress is one of the most feminine pieces of clothing. Here, the mother wears a classic wrap dress, while her daughter wears a slightly different version of a wrap dress, i.e. shirt and shorts. However, both versions look great and girly.

Matching Yoga Sets

Photo: instagram.com

I already mentioned that daughters look up to their moms and copy everything they do. So, if mommy does yoga, so will her little girl! Why not do it in a matching set of a plain shirt and colorful yoga pants? A fun activity and a great exercise, as well.

Schoolgirl Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

If you have a bit bolder fashion sense and want to make a statement with your daughters, this schoolgirl outfit is the right choice for you. A splash of red, white, and black combined with super cute berets. Mommy-daughter outfits in style!

Soft Green Jackets

Photo: instagram.com

Comfy, cozy, and soft, what’s not to like about this outfit? These green jackets look so adorable and the wool hats will protect you from the cold in fall and winter.

Open-Shoulder Hoody and Leggings

Photo: instagram.com

Take your fashion game to the next level with these trendy, open-shoulder hoodies paired with leggings. A perfect mother-daughter matching set for doing all kinds of fun activities together.

Matching Christmas Sweaters

Photo: instagram.com

Is it really Christmas if you and your family don’t have matching sweaters? There are so many available to purchase, the choice is endless, and they all look so fun and festive. Snuggle up and enjoy!

Matching Fall Dresses


These outfits are not typical matching outfits. They match in terms of colors and style. Yellow corduroy dress for the little ladies and a plaid, brown one for the mommy. It looks chic and amazing!

White Shirt and Biker Shorts

Photo: instagram.com

Biker shorts are getting very popular nowadays. They are no longer reserved for sports activities, but for outings as well. Paired with a white shirt and a nice, feminine belt, they make a great matching outfit for mothers and daughters of any age.

Vintage Ensemble

Photo: instagram.com

If you are a fan of the classic, retro look of the 1950s, this is the outfit for you – an elegant ensemble consisting of a top and a long dress. You and your little lady will look very chic and glamorous.

Leopard Buddies

Photo: instagram.com

The leopard pattern comes in a lot of different shapes and colors, so you can easily choose your favourite one and make your own matching set. Capes, dresses, you name it. Wear it wherever you go and make sure you take cute photos like this one.

Adams Family-Inspired Sets

Photo: instagram.com

Matching outfits are perfect for holiday dressing up, especially for Halloween. These mommy-daughter outfits are inspired by the movie “Adams Family”. They make a great combination for any costume party.

Red Pants and Colorful Tops

Photo: instagram.com

Add a pop of color with these sets, perfect for any occasion. Red pants and a colorful top, an outfit appropriate for all ages. Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures!

Pink Elegance


If you are invited to a wedding and have trouble deciding how to dress up with your little girl, look no further. These pink dresses look so elegant and classy, you’ll surely be remembered as the most beautifully dressed mother-daughter duo.

I hope this list gave you great ideas for your next mother and daughter outing. There are a lot of choices for matching outfits. It’s up to you to decide your favorite ones. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments.

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