18 Chic Ways To Dress Like A French Girl

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french girl

The effortlessly chic and beautiful French women have always been a fashion inspiration, a trope in the fashion landscape for over 200 years. It’s laid back, spontaneous “I woke up this way look”, but at the same time it’s elegant. The key thing is to always look good but to put minimal effort into it.

Although the French-girl craze has had negative criticism around it, there are still many fashion advice that we can learn from the fashion style of french women that are very important if you want to improve your own style. French women have perfected the capsule wardrobe: to have a few pieces of clothing that you can wear multiple seasons and are timeless. In other words, perfecting the basics but you have to know how to experiment.

If you find this style appealing, I have selected 18 french-girl outfits that will help you get the idea of the French girl style to see how you can create multiple outfits with several pieces of clothing. Let’s get inspired, shall we?

Shirt Dress Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

All you need is a long oversized shirt and an oversized sleeveless sweater. Pretty simple, isn’t it? The important thing here is to match the colours of the outfit, for example, this outfit is beige, with black details here and there. Don’t forget the famous beret!

French Girl Summer Vacation Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

If you’re heading on a vacation, why not dress like a french woman? I believe everything about the french style is comfortable clothes. So this outfit has wide-leg satin trousers and a top. The interesting thing here is the purple bag and purple shoes that totally match with the yellow trousers.

Simple Shirt and Shorts Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

Another simple outfit, a tucked-in shirt and shorts. An easy summer staple that you can easily combine. Again, be careful of the colors you choose and the accessories.

Pants and Shirt Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

A very beautiful all-white outfit with brown elements. I suppose you already have a white shirt in your closet and some kind of pants. It doesn’t have to be white. You can even wear blue jeans with this outfit, it will still look great. The idea around this outfit are the brown elements; the shoes the bag and the belt. You can add different colour instead of this, but it wouldn’t look that great.

Shorts in winter?


And why not? Put on shorts, winter tights, knee-high boots, and a casual sweater and you have a perfect outfit for day and night. The boots, shorts and the purse are black, while the sweater and the coat are beige. You always have to match your colours!

Smart Casual Autumn Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

French girls have staple pieces of clothing but they are always updated with the newest fashion trends. Here, I am talking about slouchy pants that are now trendy. Combined with a sweater and a coat, you may say: “What do french girls have to do with this?” The thing is that slouchy pants can look so informal, but this outfit is so perfect for workdays because it’s perfectly combined with a bit more formal pieces of clothing.

Matching Skirt and Suit

Photo: instagram.com

The good old Masculin Féminin french beauty. This outfit is just a female version of a male work suit. It looks very sexy and chic, smart and effortless.

Backward Sweater Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

Such a simple piece of clothing but such a fun and unusual way to wear it. It looks even better this way. For the outfit to be more interesting, it’s combined with a short leather skirt and a leather bag. Remember, when it’s time to dress for a certain occasion and you think your outfit is boring, always add leather in any type of form, be it a skirt, pants, jacket, etc.

Flared Jeans Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

The 70s bootcut silhouette never goes out of style. It doesn’t get any more French than a white unbuttoned white shirt with a flared silhouette. Classic and it works.

Plus Size Flared Jeans Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

There’s stigma around french fashion because it’s widely thought it’s all about tall, skinny girls. Well, any woman can follow this style if she wants to! Here’s another classic french staple: blue and white stripe sweater. Combined with flared jeans, or any type of jeans you prefer, and voila!

Leather Skirt Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

The maxi leather skirt and knee-high boots trend left everyone with their jaws open because we can now see that two pieces of clothing that we thought would’ve looked terrible when combined together, actually look so, so great!

Semi-Casual Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

Again, the key is to look effortlessly chic. This outfit consists of that formula: a simple skirt and a sweater. It’s not a good idea to wear sneakers with this outfit, choose something more elegant.

Streetwear the French way!

Photo: instagram.com

In the streetwear culture, they say: “It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it !” The French have perfected this way of dressing. This is an oversized outfit with black pants, a shirt with a sweater on top, a maxi jacket, and an elegant leather purse. Oh la la!

A Masculine Blazer Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

An oversized masculine blazer, another fashion staple taken from the boys. A must-have in every chic French girl’s wardrobe. Combine it with straight-leg jeans and a slim-fitting top and you have the combo!

Straight Leg Jeans Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

These are classic french jeans but they are unique because they have slits. It is always a plus when you wear a classic piece of clothing but with extra details on them.

Little Black Dress

Photo: instagram.com

The little black dress is as French as the French wine. Because of its practicality in so many life situations, this wardrobe staple is one of the basic elements in a French girl’s wardrobe. It’s appropriate to wear to a job interview, a cocktail party, your boyfriend’s parents’ dinner party, and a variety of other occasions.

Effortlessly Elegant Brunch Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

The French love to go for brunch. In fact, the clothes they wear are everyday clothes, i.e. for taking a walk during the day, drinking coffee and eating a delicious croissant in the city while looking flawlessly elegant and spontaneous. So here is a simple idea for these occasions: a slim-fitting sweater and sweet mini skirt. Depending on the circumstances, wear a coat if it is fresh outside or a shirt instead of a sweater if it is warm outside.

The “I Woke Up This Way” Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

Yes, satin is not something the French have discovered and started wearing first, but they are bold enough to go outside wearing a nightgown attire as such. This outfit is very vintage, very flattering. What I would recommend for this outfit are vintage sunglasses, a purse and casual summer shoes.

So, are you ready to incorporate the French girl style into your wardrobe? I hope I’ve inspired you to build a firm foundation of wardrobe staples is the only way to get the effortless French look. Au revoir!

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