23 Different Ways To Rock A Plaid Skirt Outfits

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It all started as men’s wear. Yes – the plaid skirts originated in the 16th century as skirt-type clothing made of woolen cloth in a tartan pattern with pleats at the rear, known as a kilt. It has been associated with the Scottish and Gaelic cultures since the 19th century. It is a skirt of a woven, checkered plaid pattern formed by overlapping a series of parallel and vertical lines of varying thickness in more colors, known as tartan. It is now a pattern for flannel shirts, skirts, and socks.

When thinking of plaid skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is that they have a preppy, school-uniform vibe. Nevertheless, they’re more versatile than you might expect. There are plenty of possible outfits with plaid skirts, not only for the fall season. You can make a formal, business casual, dinner date, edgy, casual, elegant, or preppy outfit with your plaid skirts.

Tuck a black turtleneck into a long plaid knee-length skirt, and put on a structured blazer and sensible heels – you have a formal outfit. A plaid midi skirt with black opaque tights and a long-sleeved blouse, cover up with a blazer or structured cardigan, lace-up Oxford shoes, and you get yourself a business casual outfit. Tuck a sleeveless graphic tee into a grey plaid pleated skirt, put white sneakers on the feet, and a denim jacket for a laid-back style with a plaid skirt.

A button-down shirt and some jewelry make a nice outfit for a date. For an edgy look, pair a red tartan plaid skirt with a vintage band T-shirt, combat boots, and a black leather jacket. Fishnets or patterned stockings with mixing prints will make an extra character. An A-line plaid pencil skirt paired with a lacy top gives an elegant vibe. In a prep-school-inspired combination, you get a pairing of matching plaid co-ords – a fitted blazer and a plaid tennis skirt with a bodysuit or white top.

Another stereotype of the plaid skirt is that it’s a fall outfit staple. So, you can wear it with boots, flats, or heels for a night out. But it’s also season’s versatile. You can look preppy in the summertime with a co-ord plaid crop top and a high-waisted mini skirt set. In spring, tuck a white T-shirt into a plaid mini skirt. Add a pair of white trainers and colorful bangles. Pair a plaid skirt with opaque plaid tights and a long-sleeve black turtleneck for a classical winter vibe. A faux fur vest and matching boots will give some extra luxury.

We’ve rounded up 24 ways to style a plaid skirt, ranging from an office-appropriate style to a night-out ensemble, to give you some of the plaid outfit inspiration you would need,

With A Matching Blazer

Photo: instagram.com

A co-ord ensemble of a chic plaid skirt and a plaid blazer. Add a white t-shirt, and you’re set for a formal occasion.

A Trench Coat And Plaid

Photo: instagram.com

A classic trench coat ideally complements a plaid skirt outfit. A simple top tucked in a high waist midi plaid skirt and elegant stiletto shoes. Add a matching bag, and you get yourself a fine ensemble you can go anywhere.

Christmas Special: Red Tartan Skirt And All Black

Photo: instagram.com

This girl looks like she exited from a fairy tale in the red design plaid skirt, black tights, flats, and black top. Black clothing emphasizes the chic kilt. Beautiful and still warm ensemble.

Fall/Winter With OTK Boots

Photo: instagram.com

Pair a plaid skirt with high over-the-knee boots, and add an oversized scarf, a long sleeve top, and a winter hat. So you’re ready for low temperatures.

Not Black Or White, But A Red Top

Photo: pinterest.com

Do your best to pair a plaid skirt with clothes in one color. Most often, people wear a black or white top and stay safe. But you can wear any color you choose if it matches the skirts. This combined with a red top looks fine. You can also add a jacket to this outfit. With experience, you can experiment with more complicated styles. Start with the accessories. This necklace lovely matches the style.

Chic In Black & White

Photo: pinterest.com

This preppy and playful woven mini, with all-over black and white plaid print with an A-line silhouette, pleated body, and high-waisted stretch waistband and turtleneck black top, is chic for every occasion. Add above-the-knee white boots on all this, and you get the attention.

Attention To Details

img 632986d346dd9
Photo: pinterest.com

A white & blue plaid mini skirt with a high waist, pleated design, and a white front zippers crop top for a casual day outfit. Attention to detail with the sky blue over-the-shoulder bag and blue nails.

Red And Yellow

Photo: pinterest.com

Yellow plaid skirts are a cheerful and youthful color and more mature women might be apprehensive to wear them, which should never be the issue if the colors and textures you wear make you happy. A pencil yellow plaid skirt with a red floral blouse and comfy sandals is a great combo for a daytime outing.

A Button-Down Shirt

Photo: pinterest.com

Remember Cher from the 1990s? You can wear a plaid mini with an oversized button-down shirt and platform boots.

Hipster Option

Photo: pinterest.com

A fitted plaid skirt and a baggy sweater for a hipster look. Put on aviator sunglasses, and you’re ready for the weekend morning outings with your girlfriends.

Classic Plaid Skirt Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Taylor Swift looks innocent and beautiful in this classic plaid skirt combination with a black top with a scoop neckline. She adds yellow shoes to match the monochromatic black top and tights.

Ready For A Date

img 632986d44d95f
Photo: pinterest.com

A beautiful and sexy combination of a plaid mini skirt and a crop turtleneck top. The black YSL belt emphasizes the waist, and the bag perfectly matches the top. Lovely!

With Pleats And Front Tie Crop Top

img 632986d4c15b0
Photo: pinterest.com

You can style a plaid skirt with pleats all around and high waisted fit with a gathered sleeve tie-front crop top for your night out with the girls. With knee-high boots, you’ll look irresistible to boys.

A School Girl Look

Photo: pinterest.com

Embrace the preppy style by pairing a plaid skirt with a blouse and ribbon necktie.

Grunge For Spring

Photo: pinterest.com

Wear a denim jacket, black crop top, plaid skirt, long black socks, and Converse shoes, and you got your grunge look

Orange Plaid Skirt In A Gothic Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

This irregular shape orange plaid midi skirt fits in this street style with all black: long sleeves top, hat, and ankle boots.

Tweet Plaid Set In Hot Pink

Photo: pinterest.com

A bright pink tweed cropped blazer and pleated skirt, and you’ll look like a lovely doll.

Business Blue Plaid

Photo: pinterest.com

Plaid is rarely worn when wanting a more official look, but you can’t deny that this long blue plaid skirt with the floral blouse tucked in doesn’t give you the teacher vibe or even a cool admin/office worker.

With A Bolero

Photo: pinterest.com

Red plaid midi skirt and bolero jacket in torero style. Tucked in a plain red button-up shirt in the high waist kilt and a black cropped knit jumper over.

A Beautiful Winter Ensemble

Photo: pinterest.com

This one is lovely: a blue and red mini plaid skirt, a white sweater turtleneck, and a red overcoat. Black over-the-knee boots and a black bag. Beautiful indeed.

Mesh Top And Plaid Set

Photo: pinterest.com

Hailey looks stylish in a purple two-piece skirt suit teasing a glimpse of her bra through her sheer black top left on display under the open double-breasted jacket. The look is completed with retro-style chunky slip-on shoes and a simple black handbag.

White Cami Top

img 632986d6bda64
Photo: pinterest.com

For warm days, a slit checkered mini and crop top with a gathered design at bust and ruffle detailing.

Asymmetrical Bodysuit

Photo: pinterest.com

One sleeve white, slightly see-through bodysuit matched with a mini skirt featuring a slit for a sexy look. It’s completed with a matching bag and heeled sandals.

One of the reasons why plaid skirts are a classic piece of clothing is that they complement different pieces, prints, and colors. We checked 24 plaid skirt outfits you can put together for various occasions. There are plenty more different plaid skirt combinations to make your fashion statement. Perhaps you will use some of the plaid skirt outfit ideas above? Have a completely new combo? We are happy if we sparkle some inspiration for a plaid skirt outfit of your own. We appreciate it if you share your plaid skirt experience with us.



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