20 Fabulous Plus Size Outfits For Strong And Confident Women

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The mark of a beautiful modern woman differs from country to country, but one thing that seems to be universal in today’s world is that a beautiful woman is a skinny woman. Looking at the gorgeous runway models, ladies adorning the fashion magazine covers, and many others from the fashion and beauty industry, the one thing they have in common is that they’re really thin with some curves here and there. All the body types that do not fit this mold, especially those who have a few extra pounds are ostracized, looked down upon, and even ridiculed.

Societies constantly change, develop and evolve and while today’s ideal beauty standards are just a pipe dream for most women around the world, keep in mind that it was not always like that. In the past, the more curvaceous women were considered healthier, more beautiful, and more desirable, while the thinner ones were seen as weaker and even poor. Those beauty standards changed and we are witnessing the changes happening in today’s decade’s old beauty standards as well.

The body-positive image that has been trending for some years now is making the fashion and beauty industry reevaluate the perfect beauty image standards they’ve been pushing. Through the globe, if you’re overweight (or considered to be overweight) you’re considered to be unhealthy, lazy, undisciplined, etc. Only recently we’ve come to understand that it doesn’t matter if you have the perfect BMI body, but that you’re healthy with the weight you have.

While still shunned by many, the body-positive image is something we have to consider more seriously and as a society start to see past the norms of the body shapes and see the true beauty singing from within. So let’s see some gorgeous and stylish outfits to bring out that inner confidence, beauty, and self-love curvaceous women deserve.

Double Tunic

Photo: pinterest.com

Combine a shirt and a blouse to get this double tunic to wear over your thighs. Combine it with a belt and a fur vest to complete the look. Don’t forget the booties to keep your feet warm

Megan Markle Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Megan Markle is well known for this type of cape-coat. They are elegant and modern to wear on special occasions. Combine them well and get all the looks from the crowd.

Wide Leg Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

These pants are suitable for warm summer nights and days combined with cropped top, wedge sandals, and a cool hat. Don’t let your size stop you from looking gorgeous.

Jeans, Shirt, and Bag

Photo: pinterest.com

Jeans can be elegant as well. Combined with the right shirt, and cool pumps they make the perfect outfit for a meeting, after-work party, or a relaxed night out.

Long Blazer

Photo: pinterest.com

Long blazers are cool for plus-size women. They are soft and comfortable and you can wear them on many occasions. Paired with the right pants and shoes, and accessorized with the right scarf, they can be the perfect outfit for autumn days.

Flat Sneakers

Photo: pinterest.com

A white buttoned shirt is perfect for any size. All you need to do is pair it with the right skirt and shoes. What is more right than white flat sneakers?

Animal Print

Photo: pinterest.com

Chubby ladies look good in animal print too. Only they have to combine it well. Like this lady in solid blazer and jaguar shoes enjoying the daily meeting. Isn’t she cool pairing those heels with a lovely bag?

Blazer and Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

Platted blazers are always a good idea, especially if they are paired with the right pants and shoes. A pleated blazer and matching pants are good choices for a business meeting or a family gathering.


Photo: pinterest.com

You can get the look of a skinnier woman with these wonderful wide-legged high-waist pants over the shirt and up to the higher edge of the waist. It will give you a longer shape and a smoother waist. Paired with the right necklace, you’re ready to enjoy the very best moments of your life.

Sweater Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

It is a widespread opinion that big women cannot wear sweater dresses. But, this image proves the opposite. As long as you pair it with the right boots, hat, and accessories, and you wear it with confidence, you’re ready to go. Make sure you have the right make-up as well.

Pleated Skirt

Photo: pinterest.com

Pleated skirt and leather jacket? Why not? All you gorgeous big ladies out there, take a look at this. It’s marvelous, it’s elegant, it’s stylish, it’s cool. As are you. Get inspired, and get dressed to the best.

Denim Shorts with Sheer Top

Photo: pinterest.com

Shorts made of denim are and have always been a summer must-have. It’s another thing to pull them off without looking like the queen of “hot girl summer.” For the beach to nights out on the town, there are high-waisted, shortened, loose-fit, or frayed options. They are truly classic and can be worn with anything in your wardrobe. I wore my denim shorts with a lovely sheer top.

Leather Skirt

Photo: instagram.com

A leather skirt and white shirt are such an elegant combination for any woman no matter the size. The only thing you have to bear in mind with this combination is the cut. For bigger women, an A-line skirt and a simple shirt is the winner. Pair it with short white booties and a cool hat to complete the look.


Photo: instagram.com

Overalls are always a great idea for any occasion. All you need to do is choose the right cut and the right pattern and you’re ready to go. The right cut will hide all that you don’t want to show, and the right pattern will give you the elegance you need.

Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Photo: instagram.com

The off-the-shoulder dress can be amazing if you want to emphasize your qualities and get the attention off your faults. Combine it with the right hairstyle, shoes, and accessories, and you’ll be the glam of the evening wherever you are.

Colorful Flare Dress

Photo: instagram.com

This colorful flare dress is perfect for a summer night out by the beach. It is good too for a summer wedding. Pair it with the right shoes to get the comfort you need or the glamour you need.

Shorts and Vest

Photo: instagram.com

Any shorts with the right length paired with a crop top and long vest are a perfect summer beach combination. Make sure you get the right purse and accessories to make them stand out even more.

Simple Sleeveless Shirt

Photo: instagram.com

Sometimes a simple sleeveless shirt with ruffles on the bottom in combination with simple pair of blue jeans is exactly what you need. Wear it with wedged sandals and a small purse to rock the party.

Rocking with Elegance

Photo: instagram.com

Rock that special occasion with this super elegant combination of ruffled skirt and leather jacket. The see-through shoes only complete the look you’re going for. The accessories are a plus.

Work It, Baby!

Photo: instagram.com

Some friends are like family. If you want to pair your styles with your besties and all of you want to look elegant, yet very different, take a look at this. All three dresses are simple elegance, yet so different one from the other. Paired with the right shoes and accessories, they can make the perfect set of outfits you’ll need for any special occasion.

Now that you’ve seen our ideas, get inspired and get the best out of styles to rock the perfect trend. And don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below.

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