15 Postpartum Outfits You Need This Autumn

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You just gave birth and now you don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, we got you!

Every woman feels different in her new postpartum body. so we wanted to help you feel more comfortable and enjoy all the moments with your newborn while looking amazing!

Shopping for postpartum clothes is different from shopping for maternity clothes. No matter if you are gaining or losing weight, your body is healing and it needs to be taken care of. Although you may not have control of what happens on the inside, you can always make yourself feel so much better just by putting on the right piece of clothes.

We hope you’ll find something that suits your taste and your needs, or maybe give you an idea for treating yourself to something new.

Comfy Sweatshirts

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Sweatshirts can make all the difference in autumn, especially on those chilly days or when you go for an evening walk with the baby.

Long Dresses

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Some dresses can complement your postpartum body even after you give birth. If you have dresses that you loved wearing as a pregnant lady, you may as well wear them now. They are loose, comfy, and make you feel special.


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One thing we all love in the autumn is sweaters, right? No matter if you are with the baby or with another little one, maybe even enjoying a cup of coffee by yourself, the warmness of that sweater will make you relaxed and ready to take on whatever is next.


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Overalls can come in versatile shapes and materials, so you can combine them with shirts, blouses and produce different styles as you go. And remember, they were not made just to protect the clothing, but also a mother’s body after giving birth!


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Nowadays you can find sweats in every colour you can imagine. From tide-eye to sporty edition, cotton or cashmere, you name it! They fit every type of body, you’ll be ready for the day and maybe match your kiddo.


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Linen pants can be worn with linen shirts, cotton shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and whatnot! The fabric that cuddles your legs, and feels lighter than a leaf would be an outfit choice almost every day for a cool-looking momma.


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Moms often feel that they should start exercising ASAP, but you do not need to worry right away and you can still wear your fav yoga pants that feel like a second skin after the pandemic. Should we remind you that breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a day? That counts as a workout, does it not?

Mom Jeans

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Every woman has her favourite pair of jeans, and if you are a mom now, now you know that the mom jeans are a real thing. The high waist keeps everything together and with a few accessories you can look as fancy as you like.


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There are days when sometimes feels like you’re stuck in limbo, but a cute pair of pj’s can make all the difference. They are easy to breastfeed and let’s be honest, postpartum bodies deserve to be spoiled after going through everything.

Plaid shirts

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Plaid shirts became a synonym for autumn and winter. Besides, the cosiness and the vibe they bring are like the days that follow. Can you imagine yourself sitting in front of the fire, spending time with family, and feeling your best?


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You don’t need to invest in something expensive. Jumpsuits can change on you as your body changes constantly.


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Coast and jackets will always add that wow moment to your outfit. You can wear them with sweats, jumpsuits, jeans… just add the good old white sneakers, and off you go.

Long shirts

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If today you feel like you need to cover it all, we have a solution! Wear a long shirt! Flannel, linen, plaid, cotton, cover your love-giving body as much as you like.


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Be a mom smart, not a mom hard. When you want to get rid of the oversized hoodie and the crusty milk-stained t-shits, just take a shower and put on a robe. The world will be moving on the right course once again.

Lounger set

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One way to care for your body after giving birth is to wear clothes that make you feel and look good and do not have to look super exciting. Sometimes the simplest thing is the best choice.

For all you new mommas out there, we hope that we gave you some ideas for your amazing bodies. If you found something you like, please share it with us, leave a comment down below and let’s see how many of you share the same taste. Let’s celebrate your postpartum bodies, support each other and look good as a mother.

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