20 Rainy Days Outfits That Will Make You Feel And Look Amazing

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Rainy day outfits! I never shy away from the opportunity to create a cute rainy day look. As dreary and gloomy as a rainy day can be, I can’t help but get excited when it starts to sprinkle because it means I get to break out my favourite rainy day outfits! We experienced quite a bit of rain this season, which was a bit unusual. Although this meant a lot of days trapped inside and a lot of longing for sunshine, I loved embracing the rainy day style!

A staple for any rainy day outfit is, of course, the classic rain boot! When I first bought my Hunter rain boots, I was worried I wasn’t going to get much wear out of them. I wanted to buy them since I knew they were not going to be super practical, but I did it anyway. Rain jackets are a true wardrobe essential and I love that there can be so many different styles of them! Skinny jeans or leggings are for sure the way to go when wearing rain boots and longer jackets! I think simple white skinny jeans are always a great look, especially with a more colorful top or jacket. If you want to be extra comfy, leggings are my favourites!

So on those gloomy weathers when it is really dark outside and it rains cats and dogs. Sometimes it makes us feel like we are doomed to stay at home and chill all day under a blanket. What else are those rainy days for? But actually, most of the days in a year are either rainy or about to be rainy, so going outside is inevitable. Do we give up on fashion when it is a gloomy day? OF COURSE NOT. We grow even stronger no matter what. So let’s talk about some rainy day outfits ideas.

Green Boots

Photo: pinterest.com

Let’s start this right. You know there’s no rainy season without rainy boots. One of the most popular brands is Hunter Boots, and they match every outfit you can think of. In this particular combination, they give that extra touch to the black skirt and the flannel shirt. The white trench coat is absolute perfection.

A Touch Of Animal Print

Photo: pinterest.com

The base for this outfit inspiration is a pair of ripped black jeans. Topped with a white baggy blouse and a biker jacket may not seem as much, but the big leopard print shawl makes all the difference. And the matching suede ankle boots are just on point. You can wear this combo every day for any occasion.

The Red Hunters

Photo: pinterest.com

This red pair of Hunter Boots make this simple, yet comfy rainy outfit look that much more impressionable. Your favourite pair of jeans, a marine-themed blouse, and a different coloured parka will look amazing with this noticeable pair of rain boots. You can match them with the same colour bag, but it’s not a must. Just an idea to look great while you do your grocery shopping on a rainy day.

Elegant And Chic

Photo: pinterest.com

Ok, the first thing that comes to mind is a day at work outfit, but trust me you can wear this on so many other occasions. The black pants and the black and white lines sweater is stylish as cozy, and the bulky cream scarf matching the cream boots bring the whole outfit to life. The grey coat is one of my personal favourites and can be included in so many outfits.

White Sneakers Forever

Photo: pinterest.com

Those irreplaceable white sneakers can be worn on rainy days too. Put on your black jeans for a starter. Just because the coat is the most impressionable piece in this outfit, I suggest a brown top, and a matching creamy beret hat. Pure perfection!

Ripped Jeans

Photo: pinterest.com

I’m sure you all remember this Jennifer Aniston outfit. I love it! Ripped boyfriend jeans for a casual effect, grey t-shit matching the grey shawl, and the long creamy pastel coat that spins the whole outfit. These simple yet amazing white sneakers can be worn on any given occasion. Yes, on rainy days as well. I promise!

Blue Rainy Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Is blue one of your favourite colours? I got you. This blue denim-like skirt could be combined with any kind of blouse you like, and just add the blue raincoat on top of it and there you go! Of course, I didn’t forget the classic black rain boots that gonna make you warm on those cold days but will make you look beautiful and make you feel comfy all day long.

Fun & Yellow

Photo: pinterest.com

The most fall outfit inspiration for rainy days you can imagine. The dress with the black and white lines goes perfectly with the long yellow rain jacket, but most of all, the blue rain boots and the blue sunglasses give me all the right vibes for this photo. No matter the weather, a good-feel day is ahead of you.

Bomber Jacket

Photo: pinterest.com

Ok, this one is for those days that you feel like you can rule the world and feel comfy as ever. Let’s not forget that this is such an urban look and a very popular street style. So, you start with your favourite jeans and a simple white shirt. But the “wow” effect comes after you put on this fab bomber jacket and a pair of Timberland classics. The cherry on top, for me at least, are the aviator sunglasses!

Burberry Boots

Photo: pinterest.com

I mean, should I say more? This pair of boots is just a statement piece. No matter what you choose to wear on a rainy day, you know that these Burberry rain boots as spot on. I love them on top of a pair of black pants, leggings or jeans, a white cozy sweater, and this amazing creamy cashmere shawl. You can conquer the world in this outfit!

Winnie Pooh Magic

Photo: pinterest.com

You nourish the child in you and you want to have fun in puddles? I totally get it. You can look great as you feel on these entertaining occasions, as well. This outfit inspo suggests a pair of white jeans, yellow boots matching your yellow and red parka, and of course, the red umbrella is a must. You can enjoy the weather as much as you like.

Black Elegance

Photo: pinterest.com

If you don’t feel like wearing a lot of colours but still want to look classy and elegant, an all-black combination inspired by Victoria Beckham. Black pants, blacktop, black coat, black sunglasses and a black umbrella for those rainy days. There you go!

Red Enchantment


Fun, floral, and fabulous! Those gloomy rainy days will be cast off just by wearing this absolutely amazing dress combined with the red boots. If it gets too cold, put on a trench coat. Also, this outfit allows playing with a belt, a fun necklace, maybe a headband. However, you’ll make the mood better just by wearing this.

Comforting Beige

Photo: pinterest.com

One of the most calming colours is the pastel colour, beige in particular. This whole outfit gives me so much comfort and a calm feeling on a rainy day. Let’s not pretend that it doesn’t look as amazing as it looks. The short white dress goes hand-in-hand with the beige Hunters boots and the purse, but the long cardigan is bringing this whole outfit the special something. The woollen shawl is something that will keep you warm and make you look lovely.

Emerald Green


Boots are not always a must on a rainy day. This is one business outfit for a rainy day. Your usual black pants and white shirt combination can be enriched with emerald-colored jacked and matching high heels. It makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Maybe add a similar coloured purse and you’ll look elegant and smart and ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Young And Modern


If you feel brave enough to wear this outfit, then you go girl. It’s super young and modern and if you have those long legs, yes, it’s gonna look awesome. Along with whit a shirt as a base, wear it as a dress, and a baggy grey woollen west on top of it. The black boots are very in right now, that can be matched with a cool black bag and modern style sunglasses.

The High Boot

Photo: pinterest.com

Autumn days. Rain. And such a cool look. Just put on your favourite pair of jeans. Then top it off with a long sleeve blouse with black and white lines and these brown good-looking high boots. Maybe match a brown bag as well and walk that walk lady!

Black Leather Leggings

Photo: pinterest.com

This look can be worn not just for rainy days, but through all autumn and winter days. It’s a very comfy combination, and it works well the whole season. If you love leather leggings and you know you look good in them, just put on a creamy turtle neck sweater and a puffer jacket. You can match this combo with a pair of Hunters, Timberland, or any other pair of water-proof boots, and if it gets too cold, just add the woollen hat and enjoy it.


Photo: pinterest.com

A day in town on a rainy day? No worries. This outfit is inspired by Vanessa Hudgens, and I love it. The wide-leg jeans ad the creamy trench coat are a really good combination. Add the yellow bag, the big sunglasses, and the matching scarf, and there you have it. Stylish, modern, and appropriate for a rainy day indeed.

Nature And Friends

Photo: pinterest.com

Do you feel one with nature? Love the feeling of the fresh air, the rain sprinkling around you, all the magical noises? Your outfit can match all this with this green sweater with the fall leaves on it. Just add a pair of jeans and waterproof boots, take your personal and off you go. Looking and feeling amazing.

For the season ahead of us, I hope you found some inspiration in these outfits for rainy days. No matter the weather you can always look better! Please like this post and share it with a friend. Leave a comment down below and share a photo of your favourite rainy days’ outfits. Till next time girls, look good, have fun and be ready for my next outfit inspo!

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