21 Iconic Outfits Of His Purple Highness Prince

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Prince Rogers Nelson undoubtedly transformed the fashion landscape with his fearless and extravagant style choices. Known for his remarkable appeal to androgyny, Prince’s maximalist approach to fashion incorporated high heels, lace gloves, sequins, tassels, feathers, and military-inspired designs. As one of the most iconic musicians of his time, it was not just his unparalleled sound that stood out, but also his versatile and distinctive outfits, which continue to inspire designers and musicians to this day.

Every album heralded a new Prince identity, seamlessly melding his unique sound with diverse style influences, resulting in an irrefutably alluring look. Prince’s impact can be seen in fashion houses such as Balmain, Henry Holland, Gucci, and Haider Ackermann, as well as in the wardrobes of contemporary musicians like Orville Peck, Harry Styles, Frank Ocean, and UK rappers sporting vintage Versace. Rooted in confidence and commitment, he encouraged embracing eccentricity and straying from the crowd; an ethos that permeated his artistic endeavors and created a lasting legacy. In celebration of this icon, we curated a collection of Prince’s most memorable looks from his illustrious career.

“Raspberry Beret” Video Bright Blue Cloud-covered Blazer and Pants

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In the “Raspberry Beret” video, we see Prince wearing a stunning bright blue cloud-covered ensemble. The outfit consists of a blazer and pants with tightly stitched fabric along the seam, resulting in soft folds that stretch. Completing the look, we find matching cloud boots and a Dalmatian-printed guitar strap.

Pink Matador Pants, Pink High Colar Shirt And Seqined Waistcoat

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At Wembley Arena, London, Prince showcased his stunning outfit, comprised of:

  • Pink matador pants with a golden stripe
  • pink tailored shirt featuring a high collar
  • An eye-catching sequined waistcoat

Notably, the word “slave” was written on his face, representing his ongoing conflict with his record label.

A Chainmail Hat, Blue Silk Jacket And Tight Trousers

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We noticed Prince’s innovative style in the form of a chainmail police hat, blue silk jacket, and tight trousers with vibrant yellow buttons. This outfit reflects not just fashion, but the essence of art.

18 Century Romanticism Inspiration

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We find inspiration in 18th-century romantic shirts, featuring a jabot/cravat hybrid buttoned with pearls. This style captures the essence of the New Romantic Era. Puffed, gathered sleeves and frilled, decorated cuffs are completed with unique cabochon cufflinks.

Third Eye Glasses And Golden Outfit At The 2015 AMA’s

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We observed Prince’s unique fashion at the 2015 American Music Awards, featuring 3rd Eye glasses representing spirituality and the sixth chakra. The golden outfit enhanced this theme, implying intuition, inner knowledge, and imagination.

Studded Trench Coat

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We can’t forget the iconic Dirty Mind era, where Prince experimented with tailoring. The studded trench coat journey began at an army store, evolving throughout his career. A true fashion statement!

Purple Rain Outfit

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We recall Prince’s iconic look from the Purple Rain film, showcasing a New Romantic-style ensemble. Featuring:

  • Ruffled shirt: a statement piece
  • Purple suit: bright hue with asymmetric fly trousers
  • Long coat: chain mail on one shoulder

Cowled White Suit

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We find Prince in a double-breasted white suit with flared trousers and his signature hood. The ethereal flowing silhouette alludes to spiritual garments, even without a shirt.

2003 Grammy’s Blue Suit And Yellow Shirt

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At the 2003 Grammy’s, Prince showcased his fashion prowess by adorning a blue suit with a vibrant yellow shirt, proving once again that he could pull off any color combination with utmost confidence and grace.

White Tunic With Metal Studded Hems

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At a California concert, we observed an iconic white tunic managed to stand out with:

  • Metal studded hems
  • Bohemian, hippy style
  • Prince’s signature twist

In addition, matching gloves complemented this ensemble, adding extra flair.

Black And Pink Outfit At The 2004 Essence Music Festival

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We observed Prince in a red and black sleeved outfit, rocking a rugged goateepermed hairasymmetrical shades, and carrying his guitar.

Purple Floral Halter Neck Jumpsuit

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We are in awe of Prince’s Purple Floral Halter Neck Jumpsuit. The Purple One effortlessly made a statement with this striking outfit, showcasing both his style and talent.

Yellow Suit And White Tie

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We observed Prince in a more reserved ensemble, donning a stylish yellow suit with a white tie. This look showcased his versatility in fashion.

Red Velvet Outfit

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In this outfit, we notice the red velvet costume and the exposed chest hair, creating an unconventional yet striking look.

Ruffled Shirt, Pink Boa, And Heavily Brocaded Suit

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Wearing voluminously brocaded ensembles, pink wings, a ruffled blouse, and curly hair, Prince was the epitome of the 1980s.

  • Ruffled shirt
  • Pink boa
  • Curly hair
  • Heavily brocaded outfits

The 1991 MTV VMA Yellow Jumpsuit

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At the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards, Prince donned a memorable yellow jumpsuit with strategic cutouts. The revealing design showcased his bare buttocks while he impressively performed his hit song, Get Off.

Psychedelic Top, Yellow Leggings And Golden Eyewear

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We observed Prince’s iconic outfit during a Las Vegas performance, featuring a multi-colored psychedelic topyellow leggings, and golden eyewear as a face mask, embracing his natural afro look.

Turquoise Pant And Top And Fringe Studded Black Jacket

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We present an outfit featuring a turquoise pant and top, paired with a fringe studded black jacket. A perfect blend of Afro style and confidence.

Polka Dotted Suit

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We can’t forget the iconic outfit from the Lovesexy tour, pushing boundaries like never before. Prince donned a white polka-dot suit, matching shirt, and even polka-dot heels, challenging stereotypes and redefining black male fashion.

Cropped Jacket And Pants With Side Buttons

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It’s important to keep in mind that Prince was the first to pair a crop top with low-rise pants. In the 1980s, he flashes his naked abs.

We highlight this bold fashion:

  • Cropped top, low-rise jeans
  • Side-buttoned pants
  • Revealing abs in the 1980s

Black And White Cutout Jumpsuit with Love Symbol Cuffs

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In our exploration of Prince’s iconic fashion, we come across this striking black and white cutout jumpsuit. This ensemble showcases his unique blend of androgynous energy and daring style choices. A few key features of this outfit include:

  • Bold color contrast: The stark black and white hues command attention and reflect Prince’s unapologetic confidence.
  • Cutout design: This artistic element adds a modern, edgy twist to the classic jumpsuit silhouette.
  • Love Symbol shirt cuffs: Paying homage to his name change in 1993, the symbol on the shirt cuffs unite the male and female symbols in a harmonious display.

We invite you to take inspiration from this captivating outfit and channel your own daring fashion choices.

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