How To Get Slime Out Of Hair – Top Ways To Clean Slime

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Slime has taken over the world in the past several years. For better or worse, slime has become one of the most popular toys for kids. The ooey-gooey sticky stuff keeps your children occupied all day long. But the challenge is when slime gets somewhere it shouldn’t be. Like in the hair. How to get slime out of hair? Well, that is when things get nasty!

Because of its tacky nature, regular slime is difficult and challenging to get out of basically everything. That includes hair, but also furniture, clothing, and anything in between.

Reality hits hard when your kid says I’ve got slime in my head. That is when you start thinking about the pros and cons of letting kids play with slime. With that in mind, we are here to help you. How to get slime out of hair? Let’s discuss.

What is in slime?

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The best way to learn how to get slime out of hair is to learn what is in slime. Why do we say it’s tacky nature? Slime is made by mixing substances like Elmer’s glue, borax, and saline solution.

Sometimes, there are other ingredients. But the majority of slime, including homemade slime recipes, is made from glue, food coloring, baking soda, and Borax.

Because of borax and baking soda, it is hard to remove slime with traditional cleaners. The glue makes slime stick to almost everything. Add in the food coloring, and you have something that will leave behind colorful stains.

And the big challenge is that slime is not water-soluble due to the high oil content. So, what you have are greasy marks that slime leaves behind.

Because it is not water-soluble, you need something more than just hot water and dish soap to clean it. How can you do it? How to clean slime? We have the answers.

Best Ways To Remove Slime From Hair

There are different ways to remove slime from hair. And we will leave it up to you to choose and decide which one works best for you. Our job is to give you options. You choose the best one.

Remove Slime With Hair Conditioner


This is probably the best way how to get slime out of hair. What you need to do is take a shower and use conditioner and shampoo. A long shower with hot water and a scalp massage should remove all of the slime particles and residue from your hair. Here is how you do it.

1. Get your hair soaking wet. Try to use a hard setting on your shower to blast off as much slime as possible. Scrape the slime from your hair and scalp using your nails before you start  washing

2. Start by washing your hair in warm water and use conditioner before using a moisturizing shampoo

3. Slowly massage the conditioner into your hair. You can also take a comb to remove the sticky residue from your hair

4. Lather your hair well in conditioner and then rinse. If the slime has come out, continue with shampoo as usual

5. If normal shampoo and hair conditioner is not effective, use a combination of hot water, white vinegar, and dish soap to rinse your hair

Remove Slime With Oil


We said slime is not water-soluble, meaning you need more than just water and soap. We talked about removing slime with hair shampoo and hair conditioner. Let’s try using oil.

1. Start by massaging a few teaspoons full of oil into the slimy hairpieces. You can use any oil that works for hair benefits, like olive oil, coconut oil, or anything similar

2. Then, comb working from the bottom and then to the way up. You cannot start from the top where the slime is. If you try to push it down, it will be harsh on your hair. So, break it up from the bottom and move towards the top

3. Rinse your hair after you are done

Remove Slime Using Peanut Butter


This might sound strange to you, but you can remove slime using peanut butter. Yes, that thing we love eating can also work for cleaning your kid’s hair. Now, it might seem strange to you to add more stickiness to an already gooey head. Yet, remember, peanut butter has oil, and as we said before, oil defeats slime.

1. Apply a teaspoon or two of peanut butter into the affected hair area

2. Use a comb to work the peanut butter through the hair, in the same way, you did with regular oil

3. Finish off with shampoo and rinse thoroughly to wash the nutty smell off your kid’s hair and head

Remove Slime Using Mayonnaise


Here is another interesting choice for removing slime. Fun fact: mayonnaise also has a lot of health benefits for your hair. And because it contains oils, it works.

1. Add a spoon or two of mayo to the slime-infested area. Then, massage it into the scalp thoroughly

2. Get a comb and use it to remove pieces of slime

3. Finish off with a nice smelling shampoo to get the mayo smell out of your hair. There you have it, slime-free hair

Remove Slime Using Apple Cider Vinegar


Another option you can use for removing slime is apple cider vinegar. It works when you have big globs of slime in the hair. It might seem impossible to remove. Yet, with a bit of effort, everything can be done.

For this type of removal, we suggest using goggles to prevent the vinegar from getting into the eyes. You will need 2/3 cup of white or apple cider vinegar and 1/3 cup of warm water.

1. Start by mixing vinegar and water in a bowl

2. Have the person wear a pair of goggles to prevent the vinegar from getting into the eyes

3. Then, pour the diluted vinegar onto the hair and massage thoroughly. Using your fingertips, work the vinegar into the sticky slime

4. When you finish removing slime, take a warm shower, and apply a small amount of conditioner to the hair. Rinse and shampoo as usual

How To Get Slime Out Of Clothes


Slime can be fun and joy, but when it gets to hair and clothes, it is not. So, now that we talked about how to get slime out of hair, let’s talk about how to get slime out of clothes. It is similar to getting gum out of clothes.

1. Start by removing as much stubborn slime as possible from the clothes

2. Then, apply a generous amount of dish soap to the slime stain

3. Run a steady stream of water and gently rub the fabric together under the water stream

4. Continue scrubbing until the stain is gone

5. Finish by washing the clothes without worrying about slime spreading to other clothes

How To Prevent Slime From Getting Stuck In The Hair?

The best way to cure something is to prevent it in the first place. So, with that in mind, can you prevent slime from getting into the hair in the first place?

Because there are different types of slime, make sure to use non-sticky slime the next time you allow your kids to play with it.

You can create fluffy slime. It is equally fun without all the mess that slime causes. And it is less likely to stick to fabrics and hair.

If you are making homemade slime, do some without glue. Your kids can enjoy it and have fun, without turning your home into a sticky mess.

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