15 Notable Emma Chamberlain Outfits

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Emma Chamberlain is an American internet personality who by the age of 20 has become a fashion icon vlogging on her YouTube channel that shook up Youtube’s style guide.

We shouldn’t put aside this remarkable, young woman because both young and old can learn something from her. The famous magazine Cosmopolitan named her “The most popular girl in the world” and she has been featured in many renowned magazines. She’s not only a fashion icon but a role model for her Gen Z fans who continuously follow her fashion trends. She has been popularizing trends since the beginning of her career but she continues to inspire with her authentic content that no other vlogger has achieved yet.

With all that being said, I have selected 15 favorite Emma Chamberlain outfits with the fashion trend she actually popularized. Without further ado, let’s check out the style of this trend-setting fashion icon.

Shorts And White Tank-Top

Photo: instagram.com

It looks like a totally basic summer look. We all have tank tops and denim shorts at home but how did Emma Chamberlain popularize this style? She claims this outfit looks good on any shoe and you can spice it up with a shirt or a button-up and accessorize it. The opportunities are endless.

Doc Martens + Tennis Skirt + Crewneck

Photo: instagram.com

Yup, all these three pieces of clothing are popular nowadays because of Emma. This fashion combination has become so popular that almost every gen Z girl bought Doc Martens and tennis skirts and wore those outfits to school.

Puffer Jacket And Leggings

Photo: instagram.com

The thing she always says she tries to do is to match uncombining colours. Here, she combined a bright orange beanie with a green puffer jacket.

The Famous Clueless Suit

Photo: instagram.com

It has been more than 26 years when the famous costume designer Mona May made this look like the ultimate school outfit of the 90s. Emma decided to make this trend timeless. Inspired by the 90s fashion, she obviously didn’t miss the most stylish one.

60s Vibe Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Putting on flared yoga pants and a Nike crewneck sweatshirt seems a bit odd, isn’t it? But with these two pieces and a 60s hairstyle, Emma as unique as always has combined the 1960s and 2020s making them a unified fashion trend.

Dad Sweater And Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

Up until now, a dad sweater and pants outfit has been seen as old fashion, something only old people would wear. Once again, Emma knew how to make it trendy.

White Button Up + Red Turtleneck + Jeans

Photo: instagram.com

The red and white outfits and beaded bags have been popular in the 60s and brought back again! She made this outfit trendy by adding ripped jeans and crop tops.

Retro Striped Denim + Crop Top

Photo: instagram.com

Yep, striped jeans are in literally every store today because of Emma. It’s a cool piece of denim if you want to try out a different style of jeans. Besides the flared jeans, these ones are the most famous comeback fashion denim trend.

High-Rise Shorts + Crop Top Cardi

Photo: instagram.com

Is there a possible way to bring all 90s fashion trends into one? Well, dear ladies, I present you the ultimate 90s comeback created from the one and only Emma! The high-rise shorts, the mini cardi, the doc martens, not to mention the faux fur bucket hat, all of this was a fashion trend back then. Yes, many 90s fashion trends have come back in style today, but those who are more streetwear focused. Here, we talk about every style into one: the street style, the chic style, high school girl style all in one.

Louis Vuitton Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

Everybody’s jaws dropped when Emma put on this Louis Vuitton outfit to the Paris Fashion Week. With a touch of silver and green and again with a retro note, she’s the only one who knows how to make this happen.

Going For A 90’s Style

Photo: instagram.com

A long sleeve blouse and a T-shirt on top is one more style that was trendy back in the 90s. Emma combined it with straight-leg-washed denim. Cool, right?

Velvet Pants And Tank Top

Photo: instagram.com

Simple, unusual but chic outfit for a night out. Velvet has been in style in the past few years and she knew how to combine it to her own style.

Black T-Shirt And Coloured Pants

Photo: instagram.com

What’s unusual for everybody else, Emma makes it trendy. This time is combining contrasting colours. People usually put on black pants and a coloured top, but she reversed it and it still looks fabulous.

A Classy Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

Have you actually seen a Gen Z girl dressing up classy? No, right? While the whole Gen Z goes against this style, Emma is emphasizing it. Will this style become popular among teenagers? Probably, yes.

70s Plaid Jumpsuit And Creepers

Photo: instagram.com

The plaid fashion trend has been out of fashion for a long time. As it comes and goes, it’s brought back with the 70s vibe along with black and white T.U.K creepers which were also in style in the 70s.

These are perhaps the most notable Emma Chamberlain outfits. From flared yoga pants to flat Doc Martens. What’s your favorite Emma Chamberlain outfit? Which trend will you try? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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