17 Smooth Foamy DIY Scrubs For Soft Skin

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Regular exfoliation is necessary to get soft skin. It is one of the main treatments for a regular soft skin care routine. Exfoliation removes dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities.

You can exfoliate in a number of ways. Some people use body scrubs. Others use a brush and a loofah. No matter what you use, the goal is to boost the health and appearance of the skin.

Facial scrubs and body scrubs smooth the skin and clear pigmentation. There are many scrubs you can buy at the store. The problem is, they are pricey. And they can contain unknown and harmful ingredients. With a DIY scrub, you know what you put inside.

No matter which scrub you use, there is one important rule. Be gentle on your skin. Use small and circular motions. If you use a brush, always make short and light strokes. Exfoliate between 30 and 60 seconds, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

1. Invigorating Himalayan And Glycerin Salt Scrub

Tutorial: jillianharris.com

Salt is a basic and common ingredient for scrubs. But let’s take it to the next level with a Himalayan salt. This salt contains a bundle of vitamins and minerals. And the end result will smell invigorating. You get a great scrub for a fraction of the price of regular scrubs.

You can get creative and swap some of the essential oils. It depends on the scent you want to achieve. As long as you have salt, you can try vanilla or cinnamon essential oil for a more wintery scent.

And if you want to be creative, you can make the scrub as a gift for a friend or loved one.

2. Easy Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Tutorial: thethingswellmake.com

Salt and sugar scrubs are the two most common DIY beauty products. That is why we started our list with them. We had salt, now let’s move onto sugar. All you have to do for this scrub is grab some oils, mix them with sugar, and that is it.

The problem with store-bought sugar scrubs is they are messy to use. The oil doesn’t provide a lot of structure for the product. That makes it hard to scoop into the hands and use in the shower. This sugar scrub eliminates that problem.

3. Foamy Peppermint Foot Scrub

Tutorial: eatingbirdfood.com

After a whole day in shoes, heels, or boots, your feet need some pampering. They need some time off. Well, nothing better than a foot scrub. Peppermint oil helps relieve inflammation, stress, and wear and tear thanks to the menthol inside. Soak your feet for a couple of minutes, and you are ready for a new day.

4. Foaming Sugar Scrub

Tutorial: pickledbarrel.com

If you miss the foaming action of shower gels, this might be the product for you. It is similar to other sugar scrubs, but with a more foamy texture. And if you do not like the oiliness in regular sugar scrubs, then you are lucky.

Shea Butter is the main ingredient in this scrub. It gives your skin extra moisture. And thanks to the castile soap, you are still getting a shower gel action.

5. Soapy Sugar Scrub With Body Wash

Tutorial: budgetandmomjeans.com

Did you know you can make a DIY sugar scrub for less than $3? Yes, that is right. You already have the ingredients for this scrub in your home. The products cost less than a buck. Because it is foamy, you can use it either before or after a shower.

And if you are in a hurry, grab your exfoliating gloves and apply the scrub.

6. Foamy Sugar Scrub With Whipped Soap Base

Tutorial: summerrain.website

Light and fluffy, this scrub is perfect for the summer. When the summer comes, we all want to show our soft and healthy skin. It is sexy, and provocative. Well, this scrub can help you get there. Made with whipped soap base and exfoliating sugar.

Sugar is a common ingredient in most scrubs. It clears dead skin cells and helps your skin rejuvenate and regenerate. The whipped soap base gives your scrub the fluffy aspect. You can buy it or make it at home.

7. Parsley Water Foaming Salt Scrub

Tutorial: pvsoap.com

Parsley is very high in vitamin C. This vitamin helps our skin produce collagen, giving it structure and strength. The other ingredient is Dead Sea salt. It contains ten times more minerals than regular sea salt. Now, it might be hard and expensive to source Dead Sea salt. But it is still cheaper than buying the scrub in the store.

These minerals help cleanse, detoxify, and restore a healthy skin. And the coconut oil helps massage and moisturize your skin.

8. Foaming Sand Scrub

Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger.com

We can call this scrub a summer holiday scrub. Made with sand, it is perfect when you want to hit the beach. Time to show off that sexy and soft skin underneath the jeans.

9.  Rice Powder And Glycerin Body Scrub for Polished Skin

Tutorial: makeupandbeauty.com

Rice powder is a great alternative to salt and sugar in body scrubs. It has a soft texture that exfoliates the skin and removes excess oils. You can also use it to remove dryness of the skin. The formula also contains glycerin, a great moisturizer for the skin. This scrub helps you with oily skin problems like acne, pimples, and similar infections.

Last, but not least, the formula contains aloe vera. This is one of the most common ingredients for skin care. It provides hydration and repairs any damage to the skin.

10. Oatmeal And Chamomile Foaming Scrub

Tutorial: naturalbeautyworkshop.com

If you are looking for a scrub that will soothe irritated and inflamed skin, this might be it. Both oatmeal and chamomile help with irritation of the skin. They help calm the skin and reduce any redness.

At the same time, oatmeal provides gentle exfoliation for the skin. And the scent is magnificent.

11. Fizzy Foaming Face Scrub

Tutorial: humblebeeandme.com

This scrub fizzes up like a bath bomb when you make it wet. At the same time, the scrub lathers up into a lovely foaming scrub. It leaves your skin feeling clean and exfoliated.

You can make it with simple ingredients. You have most of them in your home. You can use it for facial scrubbing and body scrubbing.

12. Lavender Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

Tutorial: aromaweb.com

Lavender is one of the most common and popular essential oils. It provides calming effect on the mind and body. Lavender reduces irritation, redness, and inflammation on the skin.

Combine it with sugar to make a great exfoliating product.

13. Whipped Mint Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Tutorial: stephensonpersonalcare.com

We show you how to make a mint and green tea sugar scrub. This easy and quick to make scrub is a twist on the traditional homemade sugar scrub.

The difference is instead of oils, we use foaming bath butter base. This makes for a whipped scrub with much better texture and lathering properties.

14. Foamy Brown Sugar Scrub

Tutorial: agoodsimplelife.com

We love it when we can make effective beauty products with ingredients already in our home. Just look at the list, brown sugar, olive oil, lemon juice, and honey. You probably have all in your home. But did you know their beauty benefits?

Brown sugar is a natural exfoliator that can help improve the texture of the skin. Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and healthy fats, providing natural moisture for the skin. Lemon juice is one of the best sources of Vitamin C. And honey provides natural antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Together, they make for a potent homemade body scrub.

15. Foaming Celtic Sea Salt Scrub

Tutorial: soapdelinews.com

Why settle for regular salt, when there are other options on the market? For example, Celtic sea salt, which contains 82 trace minerals. Naturally dried by the sun and the wind, Celtic sea salt is light grey in color. It is naturally moist, providing great moisture for your skin. It also revitalizes the skin.

This salt scrub offers anti-inflammatory benefits to your skin. You can further experiment by adding natural clay or activated charcoal for extra detoxifying properties.

16. Apple Pie Spice Foaming Whipped Scrub

Tutorial: yourbeautyblog.com

If you want a nice fall scent to your scrub, this might be the product for you. With Apple Pie Spice essential oil blend, the scrub delivers that fall season Holiday spirit. You know, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sugar scrubs are quite popular, and this option gives you a better scented scrub.

17. Pumpkin Eggnog Foaming Sugar Scrub

Tutorial: naturesgardencandles.com

We finish off our list with another popular holiday-themed scrub. Who doesn’t love eggnog? During the holidays, we all drink it. Well, it is time to turn that magic drink into a magic scrub.

And if you have any other ideas for homemade scrubs, do tell. The sky is the limit to be fair. All you need sugar or salt, and some oils or butters. The rest is up to you.

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