15 Western-style Beth Dutton Outfits

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Yellowstone, a TV show made by Paramount, is set in rural Montana and focuses on family dynasties and the power struggles of the Duttons, who run a cattle ranch. They try to keep a tight grip on their land. It’s been called the country version of Succession, and one could say that they do have some things in common. Bethany Dutton is in the middle of everything.

The first time we meet Beth in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, we feel like we’re walking out of our house and seeing a tornado coming right in front of us. As soon as something stands in her way, she turns into a swirl of chaos and anger. She doesn’t ask for attention, but she demands it from the screen. This is what Kelly Reilly does when she plays the daughter of one of the most powerful ranchers in Montana, John Dutton, who is played by Kevin Costner.

Bethany Dutton is played by the British actress Kelly Reilly. She is the daughter of big cattle ranch owner John Dutton and his wife, Evelyn. Bethany Dutton works in a bank. Her younger version was played by Kylie Rogers in several flashbacks. When she was young, her mother died. During a ride with Beth and Kayce, she fell off her horse. Help came too late. Beth had already died by the time her husband came to find her. Kayce, even though he was only a child, tried to protect her.

Fun fact, the Dutton Ranch is actually a real place. Just like you see it on television, the working cattle ranch and family home is stunning. In other words, on the Dutton Ranch, they film they live.

Her style in the series is very top-notch, and here are some Beth Dutton outfits to inspire you.

Blue Hooded Coat

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Among all the clothes Beth Dutton wore on the show, this is one of the most talked about among Yellowstone fans. If you want to keep warm, this coat is made from a high-quality blend of wool and soft cotton fabric inside. The coat has a hooded collar and a front that is open with a single toggle buttoned fastening on each side. The coat has long sleeves with hem cuffs that are open. The coat has two outer and two inner pockets. There are two patch waist pockets on the outside and two inside pockets. It comes in blue and has a Native American design on it.

We can safely say this coat is one of the best Beth Dutton outfits we have seen.

Floral Dress

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A floral dress with straps was what Beth wore in the episode where she got married to Rip Wheeler in season 3. Beth wore a tight-fitting dress that showed off her beautiful cleavage. She wore a gold necklace and let her blonde hair fall over her shoulder while she did her make-up.

Cheetah Jacket

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The Cheetah print coat is made of faux fur and has an open front. Having full sleeves with open hem cuffs makes it look very nice. So, no, Yellowstone fans could be calm. It is not made of real leather.

Flannel Jacket

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Beth Dutton is wearing a flannel jacket in the show. She looks great and is very simple. The jacket is made of fleece. People will like the clothes because they have a front button closure, long sleeves with open cuffs, and a collar that looks like a shirt.

Fur Coat

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This coat Beth wore in the show is with a viscose lining on the inside of the collar is orange in color and made of fur. The front button fastening extends up to a notch collar on the back of the neck.

Wool Coat

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With a shearling collar, the wool-blend coat in brown is given a striking appearance. The coat is half-length and has a buttoned front closure. Add this blonde wig to your shopping cart and get ready to impersonate the endearing personality of Beth Dutton in the most realistic way possible.

Bomber Jacket

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The cotton bomber Beth Dutton jacket in beige has a viscose lining on the inside, which makes it more comfortable to wear. The jacket has a fur collar and a front zipper closing, and it is lined with faux fur.

Date Night Outfit

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This idea works well if you have a buddy who is dressed as Rip Wheeler. Wind-swept hair, sunglasses, and a flowery sundress complete Beth’s laid-back date-night appearance for the evening. For a chilly Halloween evening, throw on a denim jacket.

At The Bar Outfit

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The official Instagram page of the show “Yellowstone” mentions a scene in which Beth was seen sitting alone at a bar. Beth wore a patterned dress with three-quarter puff sleeves for this scene, which was tight-fitting and fitted. Even though she was photographed with her back to the camera, she was certainly rocking her look once again.

Plaid Dress Outfit

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The plaid slip dress and cardigan that Beth is wearing are sultry and effortlessly alluring. To finish the look, wear a blonde wig and apply basic makeup.

Kimono Robe

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This is a gorgeous kimono robe Beth wore on the show. It’s made out of cotton and rayon and it looks amazing. It’s super soft and perfect for the autumn months.

Office Look

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Not every time in the show did Beth have the ranch clothes on. Here we see that she also had a very good formal style with this black notch neck jacket. Made out of cotton and soft viscose fabric, this look is perfect for those very important official meetings.

Black Lace Dress

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Reilly’s character Beth is a representation of a strong, independent, and stylish woman. This dress says that and then some. The black belt separating the shirt and the laced dress is a great addition to an already beautiful and fashionable outfit.

All-Denim Look

Photo: instagram.com

In the end, we saved this. An all-denim fit for a country-side look. The way Beth poses here makes this look even better. The way she stands in the doorway, shielding anyone inside from any danger that could be lurking on the other side of the entryway, attempting to force its way into her home.

Sexy Golden Dress

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Let’s finish off Yellowstone Beth Dutton outfits with a sexy style.

All women, even the most hardened, toughest cowgirls have that one sexy dress in their closet that blows up their sexiness and femininity. For Beth Dutton, that’s a mini golden cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and spaghetti straps and she looks absolutely amazing in it.

To say that Reilly’s Beth Dutton has been snubbed on Yellowstone is a big understatement. This is the role of her life. She does not leave anything behind. When she does her performance, it’s more like a sprint than a long run. She puts all of Beth’s conflicting emotions into one scene. She can embody the character to an astonishing level every time she plays her on-screen. Afterward, people remember her performance for a long time. It could even be weeks or even months after the season is over. It’s Beth Dutton’s ever-complex portrayal that makes Yellowstone what it is. She’s sharp and skillful enough to make us breathless every time we read it.

Do you like country-style outfits? Have you watched Yellowstone? Or maybe you like Kelly Reilly and her character Bethany Dutton. Let us know in the comments below!



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