15 African-American Girls Outfits Inspired from the 1990s

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African-Americans have always shaped and influenced fashion styles throughout history. If you ask me, the 90s fashion was literally dominated by Afro-American girls fashion and beauty trends that everyone wanted to try.

The Afro-American influence is present even nowadays and won’t cease to exist in the near future. However, it is not enough referenced or it’s white-washed.  The historical and cultural importance of black culture and talent and its monumental influence in fashion today must be acknowledged. Therefore, we are devoting this article to prominent 90s inspired Afro-American fashion trends that still dominate the fashion industry today. From dungarees to bike shorts and cargo pants, most of the fashion trends among African-American women was tomboyish with oversized outfits. Today, these fashion trends are most influential to what we call a Streetwear Fashion Style.

I’ve selected 15 90s Afro-American-inspired outfits that will inspire you to wear them today. Let’s get started, shall we?

Oversized Shirt And Crop Top Outfit

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Black girls dominated this casual style back in the day and yet it’s back in style today. A plaid oversized shirt and a crop top look badass and sexy along with low rise baggy jeans. One more thing that’s authentic to this style is adding a barret. Afro-Americans may not be the first ones to wear a beret but they definitely experimented with it the most.

Plaid Bodycon Dress With Turtleneck

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A cute school outfit that is 90s African-American fashion inspired, a checked bodycon dress with square neck combined with a white turtleneck. A bit preppy and baddie too at the same time.

Dungaree Outfit

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If you lived in the 90s, you must have worn overalls. Well, guess what? They’re back! Combined with an oversized t-shirt, bucket hat and casual sneakers it’s a rather tomboy outfit that looks so cool and casual. To make it more 90s, wear it with one strap down.

Starter Jacket Outfit

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Starter jackets were popular because they were worn by the professional sports leagues. So, in the 90s, if you were a sports fan, you definitely had a starter jacket with your favourite team. Anyways, wearing your favourite team, music artist or any other merchandise is something you wear with pride and has been always incorporated into a trend. The stater jacket trend never went away. If you have one from the 90s in your closet, it’s time to take it out. To get the 90s look, combine it with baggy or mom jeans and a crop top.

Super Oversized Outfit

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Hip hop culture was the most influential on the fashion trends among black people. The hip hop fashion was all about oversizing then, so the women basically wore men’s oversized clothes and it looked cool.

Tracksuit Outfit

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African-American girls made tracksuits suitable for wearing almost everywhere. Again, a tomboyish outfit, but to add femininity to it combine it with a crop top.

Mom Jeans and White Tank Top

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Wide-leg jeans and tank tops are ultra-famous today from Gen Z to top famous fashion models. It was actually a black-girl trend in the 90s. Combine this look with white sneakers.

Baseball Shirt Outfit

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One more outfit for the sports enthusiasts. But not necessarily. The baseball shirt looks so cool that it’s almost impossible not to want to add it to your casual street style.

Cargo Pants Outfit

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Low rise cargo pants combined with crop tops were a staple of the era. Bare midriff was a trend incorporated in almost every outfit. You can wear this outfit with a jacket and sneakers or high heels.

Longsleeves Blouse and Jeans

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This famous Janet Jackson look was popular in the 90s but it’s not a trend that originated then but much earlier. This is a fitted, stylish vintage outfit among the other baggy, tomboyish ones and will never go out of style.

Tomboy Denim Outfit

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Wearing an oversized all denim outfit is one more tomboyish look prominent among African-American girls in the 90s. Nowadays, this outfit is a staple for the Baddie aesthetic.

Bike Shorts Outfit

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Bike shorts are back in style! Combined with an oversized graphic T-Shirt and sneakers this is the ultimate 90s casual look. Bike shorts are a great substitute for leggings over the summer. Bike shorts were a fashion statement in the 90s, worn even by famous people like Madonna and they have now resurfaced.

Neon Outfit

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Neon windbreakers and tracksuits were so famous that nowadays, almost every piece of sportswear comes in neon colours. You can style up this outfit with some baddie accessories and makeup.

Coogi Outfit

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Coogi was a famous Australian fashion brand in the 90s that relaunched several years ago that is known for its colourful sweaters and cardigans. Here we have a Coogi vibrant sweater dress with ankled socks and sneakers.

Oversized T-Shirt Outfit

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Wearing an oversized t-shirt with your favourite hip hop artist was also one of the most important pieces of clothing. You can wear this streetwear look with Nike Jordans and jeans or cargo pants and a bucket hat.

The 90s Afro-American girl fashion was and is still popular today worn even by famous musicians and models. The streetwear look inspired from the 90s fashion trends is one of the most famous styles nowadays that inspire different aesthetics. These were only 15 out of the many fashion trends that were famous then. I hope I’ve inspired you to bring back this style again and enjoy the sexy tomboy look from the 90s.

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