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In the past several years, there have been many influencers, and even some fringe celebrities talking about the skincare benefits of semen. But there is not any scientific evidence to back up the idea of putting semen on your skin or your hair. That action can result in an allergic reaction. But people continue to ask the question is semen good for your hair.

Well, let’s try and look at all the different views on the topic. Let’s start with the obvious. Hair is a crown for men and women. Healthy hair is quite important for the beauty outlook. And the key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp.

There are many methods you can achieve a healthy scalp and encourage healthy hair growth. Is semen one of them?

Can Sperm Be Good For Hair?

Now let’s talk about some positive views on why is semen good for your hair. We know semen is yucky, but it actually contains many active compounds that have some benefits. For example, semen contains vitamin C, vitamin E, melatonin, SOD, catalase, carnitine, and some other antioxidants. Yes, these are all in small amounts.

Will that amount justify putting sperm on your hair? Let’s go deeper.


Semen Contains Antioxidants

There are some active compounds found in semen that can act as antioxidants. We know our hair is exposed to sun, wind, and pollution daily. All those factors can make your hair vulnerable to free radicals. And antioxidants are the only solution that can prevent damage done by free radicals.

Semen Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Here is another claim made by people in the hair care world. Semen has anti-inflammatory properties, and your hair needs protection from inflammation. This protection is vital for healthy hair and helps with the growth of healthy hair follicles. The result is stronger and shinier hair.

Semen May Prevent Hair Loss

Now, we are not suggesting putting sperm on your hair to prevent hair loss. Usually, the reason for hair loss is a mineral deficiency, specifically iron, calcium, zinc, and similar. Studies have found that there is some amount of those minerals in semen.

Now, we have to stress, those are all trace minerals. It is not a huge amount. But every little inch helps, right?

It May Help With Hair Growth

Semen not only reduces hair loss, but some believe it can also promote healthy hair growth. So, with one trick, you solve two problems.

Semen Is Rich In Protein

This is a known fact and is actually subject to many studies. We know protein is essential for strong hair, healthy hair, and hair growth. The hair follicle that promotes and optimizes hair growth is made of protein. Consuming food high in protein will help with your stronger hair.

Semen Is Good For Your Scalp

The key to a healthy scalp is healthy blood flow. This way, your scalp receives nutrients and oxygen. Now, some believe that semen contains active compounds that can be good for the scalp. But be sure to wash your hair instantly after applying. If you even want to try.


Why Don’t Salons Promote It As A Treatment?

Here is a fun fact, some salons actually offered skin care treatments with semen years ago in the United States. But they have closed since. New York’s Graceful Services Spa at one point offered a spermine facial, allegedly encouraging collagen production.

Of course, the sperm used was artificial and mixed with other ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and more.

Cautions And Risk

Now, you are probably wondering, should I try this treatment? Well, there are possible risks and cautions. Here are some things that can go wrong.

  • You might end up with an allergic reaction. You can never know it until you test it yourself. So, before you pour that yucky liquid into your hair, test it on a small skin area
  • The risk of sexually transmitted disease, or STD, is quite real with using semen. You have to be sure you are using STD-free semen. Discuss it with your male partner


How And Should You Apply It?

Now, the conversion regarding whether semen good for your hair shifts to DIY hair treatment. Should you try it? How to do it?

Here is a fun fact. There are companies that utilize animal semen as a hair restoration remedy. The most popular is bull semen because of its odorless nature. Extracted from a bull, this semen is then mixed with Katira plant extract which delivers a good hair care product. The idea behind this is that the protein will complement existing proteins found in our molecules.

But here is the tricky part. This product is prepared by refrigerating the bull semen.

Can You Swallow It?

Now we are getting into some real sexual discussion. As one study before suggested, semen is a multivitamin packed with nutritious goodness. For one, it has protein, which helps in cell rejuvenation and could potentially promote hair growth.

This is how the meme of oral sex for hair got popular. But before you start being the nasty girl, make sure to get tested and have your partner tested.

There are a lot of myths about the topic of semen for hair care. Would you be willing to risk it? Men are always exaggerating the research in order to convince their sexual partner to do some swallowing. But at the end of the day, it is your choice.

Condition Of The Sperm

Don’t be quick to put that sex juice on your hair just yet. Not all sperm is good. Medical studies have long suggested that diet, lifestyle, and health conditions affect the condition of the sperm. If you have already decided to try it, do not do it with someone who is not leading a healthy life.

Another thing you have to consider is your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should never put semen on your skin, hair, and scalp. It can cause rashes and irritation.

Most importantly, use your own semen. Do not go around the streets asking for white sauce and healthy juice. This is not a group project. If you are confident that semen can help with your hair, make sure to only use healthy sperm from your sexual partner.

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