25 Glamorous Editorial Makeups

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Editorial makeup is something you do not wear every day. It is a makeup specifically designed for magazine spread and runway shows. The makeup look interpret fashion and provides a look that will help to achieve the image the brand, photographer, or art director requires.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear editorial makeup for some special or even everyday occasions. There are ways to incorporate editorial makeup into your makeup routine. The trick is find something that looks good, but you can wear it every day.

Editorial makeup is a great boost for your look. So, do you need some makeup inspiration? We have a couple of editorial makeup ideas you can steal.

1. Blue Confetti Tears

Photo: instagram.com

The confetti tears look amazing and they provide a broader message and idea. But what you can use is the idea of adding something different than a shade underneath your eyes.

2. Nude Make Up With Snakey Lines

Photo: zoopps.com

In the past few years, we saw how the cat eye makeup exploded. Expect the same to happen in the following years with the snake eyes. It looks elegant, sensual, and dramatic. Perfect for an evening cocktail event where you want to look strong and independent.

3. Blue And Red Splatter

Photo: picuki.com

The play with colors is a common and popular theme for editorial makeups. The idea is to play with different colors that look unmatchable on first glance. And that is something you can try with your own makeup as well.

4. Unicorn Horn And Rhinestones

Photo: zoopps.com

Usually, we do not see rhinestones as part of the makeup. We tend to use them for nails and manicure. But why not try a rhinestone with your makeup?

5. Moonlight  Pattern

Photo: picuki.com

Often designers want to show a message through makeup on their runways. The makeup echoes the idea and concept of the runway show. Now, while using this makeup for any event will be too much, you can try it for a cosplay.

6. Spring Blooming

Photo: instagram.com

Speaking of makeup as concept ideas, the spring bloom is a popular theme among monochromatic shows. It helps you get a contrast between the white, black, pale dresses, and the look of the girl. This is a concept you should use in your everyday makeup as well. If you go with a monochromatic dress, add some colors with your makeup.

7. Dripping Rainbow

Photo: zoopps.com

Truth be told, a rainbow makeup is a common among girls nowadays. Especially among the hipsters and other ladies trying to experiment with different colors.

8. Gold And Blue Flakes

Photo: instagram.com

This is another makeup idea you can find in everyday evening looks as well. Women are trying to look more dramatic and bold these days. They are not afraid to add some strong and rich color in their makeup.

9. Peacock Feathers

Photo: instagram.com

Here is another makeup that is great for a cosplay event. Or a Halloween night out. The idea with the editorial makeup is to look cheerful and celebrate the spring season.

10. Tribal Mask Pattern

Photo: instagram.com

The tribal makeup pattern is something few designers dare to experiment with. It can be a success or a huge failure. We do not recommend playing too much with the tribal theme. You need the perfect complimentary outfit for the makeup to work.

11. Polka Dot Pink Rainbow

Photo: zoopps.com

We now live in an era when polka dots are making a comeback in fashion. You can see it in many casual dresses. But also in manicure ideas. Time to take the polka dots to the next level.

12. Matter Sandy Blues And Reds

Photo: zoopps.com

In the past few years we had the mermaid makeup, unicorn makeup, and similar makeup looks. And they are great. A lot of women do not dare to try them. But once you find the perfect combination, your makeup will go to the next level.

13. Neon Blues And Greens

Photo: zoopps.com

Neon colors reached their height a few years ago. And they are here to stay. Great for bold women. And they look even better on women of African-American descent. When you want your makeup to pop, nothing beats neon colors.

14. Autumn Tones And Tear Beads

Photo: instagram.com

This is just a great way to show how autumn colors are so much richer and versatile. Just look how they complement tear bands. You can never go wrong with autumn and earthy colors.

15. Pride Lines

Photo: instagram.com

There is more than one way to show your support to the LGBT community. Pride lines on the eyes makeup is just one of those.

16. Blazing Fire

Photo: instagram.com

In the past few years, we see a rise of popularity in the so called bold makeup. That includes colors like red, orange, and similar fiery makeup ideas. While they might not be suitable for an everyday look, they are great for occasions when you want to make a statement.

17. Geometric Art

Photo: instagram.com

This is another idea you can copy, but the concept and the idea, not the whole look. Geometric forms and shapes are getting more and more popular each day. That is evident in fashion where dresses feature some natural geometric accessory.

18. Purple Glitter Eye Mask

Photo: instagram.com

The whole idea of editorial makeup ideas is to take one concept to the next level. We all know glitter is a popular thing to apply to your makeup. But when editorials show a woman with a glitter mask all over her eyes, we take notice. It is simple, right?

19. Blue Sunstreaks

Photo: zoopps.com

When we think of the sun, we think of yellow and fiery color. Why cannot the sun be blue? Right?

20. Pink Panther

Photo: picuki.com

The Pink Panther is one of the most popular cartoons. The British-American comedy movies began in the 1960s. And now, more than five decades later, it is still among the fan-favorites. Time to get show your love for the franchise.

21. Flower Eyelids

Photo: instagram.com

This is another example of how magazines use their editorial to announce a trend. In this case, that is the flowery makeup. We do not expect you to draw a flower. But you can add some accents of it.

22. Lined Rainbow

Photo: instagram.com

The rainbow makeup usually makes its way to editorials during Pride Week. It is one of the most popular LGBT symbols. The colors reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ community. And if you want to show your support, use the colors in your makeup.

23. Sunflowers

Photo: instagram.com

Sometimes, there is no hidden message behind the editorial makeup. It is just something that looks good. And complements the nature behind. The goal of editorial makeup and front page makeup is to make you buy the magazine.

24. Purple Butterfly Wings

Photo: zoopps.com

Truth be told, this is a makeup look that you can see in some events. It is not an extra ordinary and unique. But it looks good in a magazine.

25. Purple Glam And Face Mask Face Art

Photo: instagram.com

We finish off our list of editorial makeup ideas with something that marked 2020. And that is the rule for wearing masks due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, it will end soon, and we will be free to go out and show our amazing makeup looks.

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