17 Crease Outfits That Keep The 50s Nostalgia Going

By Ava

Falling in love with a bad boy is a tale as old as time, and the iconic movie ‘Grease’ captures this classic story beautifully. Set in the 1950s, the film not only tells the story of friendships, romances, and adventures of high school students but also demonstrates a distinct and vibrant fashion style. The contrast between Olivia Newton-John’s neat outfits and John Travolta’s rebellious leather jackets is etched in our memories, and ultimately, the film’s fashion has had a lasting impact on pop culture.

The evolution of the characters’ styles throughout the movie reflects their growth and the diverse fashion trends of the era. From sweet cardigans and full skirts reflecting innocence, to leather jackets and skin-tight catsuits embodying rebellion and transformation, the costumes of Grease capture the essence of small-town high school Americana. In this article, we will explore the film’s iconic outfits and discuss their influence on fashion trends over the years.

Iconic Black Carnival Outfit: Leather Leggings, Jacket And Corset

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The all-black ensemble, consisting of leather leggings, a jacket, and a corset, is an iconic look that gained immense popularity during the punk-rock phase in the 1980s. Inspired by Olivia Newton-John’s unforgettable carnival outfit in “Grease,” this bold style became a symbol of cool and rebellious fashion. We recommend investing in a high-quality leather jacket, as it’s a timeless piece that can be effortlessly paired with different fits such as ripped jeans. Customize your outfit by incorporating:

  • Pockets: can be added to the jacket or leggings for added functionality.
  • Thighs: opt for over-the-knee boots to accentuate and elongate the legs.
  • Celebrity inspiration: look to stars like Olivia Newton-John for inspiration and styling ideas.

Bad Boy Leather Jacket

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We recommend pairing a black leather jacket with a lapel collar and zipper front, a white T-shirt, and slim-fit jeans for a classic bad boy look. Remember to choose animal-free materials like faux leather.

  • Jacket: Black leather, lapel collar, zipper front
  • T-shirt: White, basic tee
  • Jeans: Slim-fit, slightly ripped or torn

White Prom Night Dress

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Our white prom night dress offers a monochromatic look that’s both elegant and timeless. Drawing inspiration from classic dance dresses, our design features a flowing chiffon skirt and a-line silhouette. The cotton material ensures comfort, while the luxe details add sophistication. Ideal for prom, themed parties, or special occasions, this dress is sure to impress.

Pink Lady Jacket

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We found the perfect addition to your wardrobe: a fashionable pink jacket inspired by the classic film “Grease.” Made with quilted satin and viscose lining, it offers a comfortable fit without sacrificing style. The ensemble includes a shirt collar, zipper closure, and full-length sleeves. To enhance functionality, it comes with two outside and two inside pockets. Great for parties, clubs, and other gatherings, it truly captures the spirit of the ’50s!

Strapless Wide-Legged Jumpsuit With Cutout Long Sleeved Crop Top

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Elastane and Lycra blend provides our jumpsuit with stretch, ensuring a comfortable fit while minimizing wrinkles. Ideal for wrinkle-free travel clothes.

white Shirt, 50s Style Skirt And Yellow Blazer

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Revive the 50s nostalgia with a classic white shirt, an A-line pastel skirt, and a cheerful yellow blazer. This combination accentuates the waist, creating an elegant and distinctly feminine silhouette. Incorporate different textures and accessories to complete the look.

Pink Lady Jacket And Black Leggings

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We recommend pairing a pink jacket with 7/8 black leggings and heels for a confident and chic look. This combination:

  • Lengthens the legs
  • Showcases a sylph silhouette
  • Offers comfort with extra stretch material

Pink Lady Jacket And Pink Dress

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Incorporate a modern chic slate rose blazer with a beautiful pink dress for a polished look. Complement the outfit with matching high heels, and enhance the style with subtle makeup and nail colors.

Fit And Flare Checkered Dress

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Incorporating wool and cashmere, we present a fit-and-flare checkered dress. Our design:

  • Combines retro with modern elegance
  • Offers figure-flattering silhouette
  • Features timeless yet feminine vibe

Showcases varying patterns, perfect for any wardrobe.

White Shorts And Red T-shirt

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The tightest, whitest running shorts worn by John Travolta in the 1978 movie, are back with the teeny-tiny shorts look for men. In combination with the red T-shirt and sneakers, this gym kit looks great. Or we are just nostalgic for good old times reminding us of the babyish look of Danny trying to win Sandy’s heart.

  • Trend Inspiration: The iconic look of John Travolta in the 1978 movie, sporting tight white shorts and a red T-shirt, has made a comeback.
  • Styling Tips: Pairing white shorts with a red T-shirt creates a nostalgic yet modern outfit perfect for casual occasions.
  • Footwear: Complement the outfit with sneakers for an effortless and comfortable look.

Black Suit And Pink Shirt For Prom

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We recommend embracing a formal look inspired by the 1950s, featuring a dark suit with a pink shirt. This combination creates a stylish and timeless appearance. Complete your outfit with:

  • Gray accessories
  • Dress shoes
  • A smart pocket square

Animal Print Elbow Lenght Blouse And Turquoise Pleated Midi Skirt


Redefining the 50s look, we’ve paired an animal print elbow-length blouse with a turquoise pleated midi skirt. This combination complements the style while offering a modern twist. Consider adding buttery soft UPF 50+ travel pants for added comfort and protection.

Pink Midi Dress And Belt

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We adore the pink midi dress with its silhouette and bright colors, reminiscent of the 50s pin-up girl style. Paired with a belt, it enhances the rockabilly retro vibe.

Pink Top, Pink Jacket, Blue Denim Midi Skirt And Blue Neck Scarf

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We suggest a confident and stylish ensemble:

  • Top: Pale pink blouse
  • Jacket: Hot pink jacket
  • Skirt: Blue denim midi skirt
  • Scarf: Blue neck scarf
  • Accessories: Complement with delicate jewelry, a claw clip for hair
  • Shoes: Neutral or contrasting footwear

Typical Greaser’s Outfit

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A pic of two T-birds palls with greased-back hair and typical greaser’s dressing styles. They wear leather jackets to the waistline, dark slacks/blue jeans, and solid white and red T-shirts. The rockabilly hairstyle is a must.

We can see that the quintessential greaser look consists of several key elements:

  • Leather jackets: waist-length and often black
  • Dark slacks or blue jeans: cuffed for added style
  • Solid-colored T-shirts: white and red preferred
  • Rockabilly hairstyle: grease applied for a slicked-back appearance

Yellow Tie-strap Cropped Bustier And White Capri Pants

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We recommend this summer outfit, featuring a yellow tie-strap cropped bustier paired with white capri pants. Ideal for capturing that ’50s nostalgia vibe.

Black Capri Pants And Blue Gathered Waist Blouse

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We recommend pairing black Capri pants with a blue gathered waist blouse for a chic and stylish look. These Capri pants are tailored with a high waist and close-fitting tapered design, creating a flattering silhouette that accentuates the hips while maintaining a comfortable rise. The ankle-length cut adds a touch of elegance to the outfit. Consider the following styling tips:

  • Wear the outfit with a statement belt to accentuate the waist and coordinate with the blue blouse.
  • Opt for platform sandals or open toe ankle strap heels to elongate the legs and enhance the overall appeal.
  • Choose a simple high-neck tank or an off-shoulder top as alternatives to the blue gathered waist blouse for a more casual or summer look.

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