15 Dashing Blackpink Outfits

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Blackpink, the sensational South Korean music group, has continuously grabbed the attention of the world – not only for their music but also for their fashion sense. Comprising members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, the group has made its mark in both the music and fashion industries. These talented young women, often seen sporting striking outfits and statement pieces, have showcased their unique and daring styles at various events, such as fashion weeks and on their Instagram profiles.

As passionate followers of Blackpink, or ‘Blinks,’ we have observed the individual fashion personalities of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Each member has her personal style showcased through their distinctive accessories, outfits, and fashion choices. In this article, we will be presenting some of the best mutual and individual fashion moments of these talented and stylish women that have left their fans in awe.

2019 K-Pop Awards Monochrome Group Look

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At the 2019 K-Pop Awards, we saw numerous groups showcasing their impressive performance outfits. Among them, Blackpink stunned with their monochrome group look. In events like the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, Melon Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and MTV VMAs, Blackpink’s fashion choices never failed to grab our attention.

Their 2019 monochrome look featured a mix of black and white ensembles, making them stand out among other K-Pop groups. Each member of the group had a unique outfit that perfectly complemented their individual style while maintaining a cohesive group aesthetic.

Here is a summary of Blackpink members’ outfit details at the 2019 K-Pop Awards:

  • Jisoo: White blazer dress with bold black buttons, paired with thigh-high black boots
  • Jennie: Sleeveless black turtleneck top, complemented with a white high-waisted skirt
  • Rosé: Elegant white off-shoulder blouse, teamed with a high-waisted black skirt
  • Lisa: Cropped black long-sleeve top, matched with a white asymmetrical skirt and knee-high black boots

In the world of K-Pop, where vibrant colors and elaborate costumes often dominate the stage, Blackpink’s monochrome group look at the 2019 awards events was a powerful statement in simplicity and sophistication.

Jennie’s Black Laced-up Back Top And Brown Jeans

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In our exploration of iconic BLACKPINK outfits, we’d like to highlight Jennie’s eye-catching ensemble featuring a black laced-up back top paired with brown jeans. This stylish combination showcases Jennie’s fashion-forward thinking by adding a touch of elegance to a casual outfit.

The black top features delicate lace details along the shoulder and back area, creating an alluring visual appeal. This laced-up design resembles Chanel‘s chic and timeless approach to fashion. At the same time, it brings a refreshing twist to the contemporary trends.

As for the bottom half, Jennie opted for comfortable and versatile brown jeans, which allows this look to be easily worn in various settings. The subdued hue of the jeans complements the intricate top, allowing it to stand out even more.

To further enhance this outfit, Jennie could have chosen a floral dress or crochet top as alternatives. Such additions would still maintain the confident and sophisticated aesthetic present in her black laced-up back top and brown jeans.

We believe that this outfit perfectly represents Jennie’s style and BLACKPINK‘s undeniable presence in the world of fashion.

Kill This Move Music Video Outfits

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In the “Kill This Love” music video by BLACKPINK, the girls showcased a variety of stunning outfits that caught the attention of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Here are some of the most memorable looks:

  • Dior: Jisoo’s black-and-white checkered Dior dress paired with a matching beret gives her an elegant and chic appearance. This perfect combination showcases Dior’s craftsmanship and timeless style.
  • Marine Serre: Known for their environmentally-friendly and futuristic designs, Marine Serre’s striking crescent moon print bodysuits were worn by Rose and Jennie. These form-fitting outfits proved to be a stylish choice for their energetic dance performances.
  • Dresses: From Jennie’s metal chain dress to Lisa’s neon green and black ensemble, the girls pulled off unique and bold dress designs that complemented their individual styles and the overall concept of the music video.
  • Accessorizing: The members completed their looks with various statement-making accessories, such as chunky belts, exaggerated shoulder pads, and metallic jewelry that further accentuated their outfits and contributed to the edgy, powerful theme of “Kill This Love.”

We can’t help but admire BLACKPINK’s fashion choices in the music video, as they continue to set trends and inspire fans worldwide to embrace their own personal style.

Jisoo’s Oversized vest Over Shirt Dress

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As fans of Blackpink, we can’t help but admire Jisoo’s impeccable style. One standout outfit that caught our attention is her oversized vest over a shirt dress. This bold and fashionable look truly reflects her chic and versatile personality.

In this ensemble, Jisoo rocks a Prada oversized vest, which adds a layer of sophistication to her outfit. The shirt dress underneath is both comfortable and stylish, perfect for any occasion. To complete the look, Jisoo has smartly paired it with a pair of Jimmy Choo heels, elevating the entire outfit and showcasing her fashion prowess.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Jisoo’s outfit:

  • Top: Prada Oversized Vest
  • Dress: Shirt Dress
  • Shoes: Jimmy Choo Heels

This outfit not only exemplifies Jisoo’s fashion sense, but also perfectly embodies the essence of Blackpink’s style – a combination of edgy, chic, and feminine elements.

Coachella Performance Look

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When it comes to Blackpink’s outfits at Coachella, the girls definitely made a statement. For their amazing live performances, Celine was one of the designers that helped the group stand out on stage. Their outfits reflected a blend of fierce and fashionable which perfectly matched their music and stage presence.

Here’s what we saw in their Coachella looks:

  • Bold colors: The outfits featured vibrant hues that made the girls stand out and added an energetic vibe to their performance.
  • Eye-catching patterns: From animal prints to metallic accents, Blackpink’s wardrobe had no shortage of unique patterns that captured the audience’s attention.
  • Edgy silhouettes: With a mix of oversized jackets, crop tops, and form-fitting pieces, the group’s style showcased a perfect balance between feminine and daring.
  • Statement accessories: Blackpink completed their outfits with statement-making accessories such as belts, boots, and bold jewelry that highlighted each member’s individual style.

Overall, Blackpink’s Coachella performance was memorable not only for their music but also for their captivating stage outfits, elevating the group’s presence and solidifying their status as global fashion icons.

Lisa’s Layering Hack

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When it comes to Blackpink outfits, Lisa has a unique approach to layering her looks. In this section, we will discuss her layering hack that allows her to seamlessly combine stylish pieces for a remarkable ensemble.

One of Lisa’s favorite ways to create an edgy and stylish outfit is by pairing a band tee with a variety of bottom options. She typically incorporates combat boots or white sneakers as her go-to choices for footwear. Here’s how Lisa layers her outfits:

  • Start with a band tee: Choose a band tee with a striking graphic design or bold logo. This will act as the focal point of the outfit.
  • Select a bottom: Depending on the occasion, you can opt for distressed jeans, a mini skirt, or even a pair of sleek leggings. The key is to maintain a balance between the casual vibe of the band tee and the edgy element of the bottom piece.
  • Choose the right footwear: Lisa often leans towards combat boots or white sneakers to complement her layered outfit. The choice of footwear can further enhance the overall aesthetic of the ensemble.
  • Accessorize: Finish off the look with some accessories, such as layered necklaces, rings, and sunglasses. This will elevate the outfit and infuse your personal style into the mix.

By following these steps, you can achieve a fashionable and trendy look inspired by Lisa’s layering hack. The combination of a band tee, versatile bottoms, and statement footwear create an effortlessly chic Blackpink outfit.

‘Black And Pink’ Animal Print Outfits

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We’ve noticed that black and pink animal print outfits have become increasingly popular in recent years. These bold and eye-catching patterns can really make a statement, not to mention they are super cute. If you’re looking to add some flair to your wardrobe, we recommend incorporating a few black and pink animal print pieces.

Some popular black and pink animal prints include:

  • Leopard: A classic choice, the blend of pink and black gives the traditional leopard print a more vibrant and playful twist.
  • Zebra: Striking and bold, the zebra print in black and pink makes for a fabulous combination that will certainly turn heads.
  • Cheetah: Similar to leopard print, but with slightly different spots, the cheetah print in shades of black and pink is a great choice for a distinct aesthetic.

Here are some ideas on how to style these unique prints:

  • Pair a black and pink animal print top with solid black or pink bottoms, such as jeans, skirts, or leggings.
  • Accessorize with a black and pink animal print scarf or belt to add a touch of fun to a simple outfit.
  • Go for a matching set, like a black and pink animal print blouse with a coordinating skirt or trousers.

No matter how you choose to wear these black and pink animal print outfits, embrace your inner fashionista and have fun with these eye-catching prints.

Denim Style by Jisoo

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At Paris Fashion Week, Jisoo, a member of BLACKPINK, showed off her unique and stylish denim outfits. As a fashion icon, she expertly combined different pieces to create eye-catching and memorable looks.

  • Denim Jacket: Jisoo wore a denim jacket that featured a mix of light and dark washes. The oversized fit added a chic touch to her ensemble.
  • High-waisted Jeans: Paired with the denim jacket, Jisoo opted for high-waisted jeans that accentuated her slender waist and elongated her legs.
  • Accessories: To complete her fashionable denim look, she chose minimalist accessories such as a simple chain necklace and hoop earrings.
  • Footwear: Jisoo’s choice of heeled sandals gave a sophisticated feel to her outfit, adding a touch of elegance to the casual denim style.

We believe Jisoo’s denim style demonstrates the versatility and appeal of denim in the world of fashion, solidifying her reputation as a trendsetter both on and off stage.

Glitzy Glam On The James Corden Show

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In one of the memorable appearances of BLACKPINK on the James Corden Show, they captivated fans with their stunning outfits. Clad in a mixture of Saint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello creations, the members showcased a dazzling array of silver, gold, glitter, and sequins.

Embellishments like sequins and metallic details not only added sparkle but also elevated the outfits to make a style statement. Here are some highlights of those eye-catching ensembles:

  • Lisa sparkled in a Saint Laurent glittering gold dress, accessorized with Cartier jewelry, which perfectly showcased her bold, yet chic, aura.
  • Jennie’s silver sequinned top from Anthony Vaccarello exuded the right mix of glamour and confidence. Accented with stylish Bvlgari pieces, her look was definitely a scene-stealer.
  • Rosé chose to enchant fans in a shimmering silver dress by Saint Laurent. Her stunning outfit was complemented by classic Cartier jewelry pieces.
  • Jisoo stunned in a beautiful black Anthony Vaccarello ensemble with glittering gold sequins. She accessorized with exquisite Bvlgari jewels for an elegant and captivating touch.

Together, their outfits perfectly blended glitz and sophistication, reinforcing BLACKPINK’s status as fashion icons.

Rose’s Alterdark Alternative

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Blackpink’s Rosé has a unique fashion taste, and her outfits often mix dark and alternative themes with a touch of femininity. One stunning example is her ensemble featuring ruffles, a standout trend in recent fashion. Designers like Paco Rabanne and Alessandra Rich have showcased the ruffled look in their collections, and Rosé has put her spin on this style.

We can’t ignore her fondness for Paco Rabanne’s edgy creations. She’s been seen donning their outfits both on stage and off, showing her love for this brand. Additionally, Rosé also loves to incorporate Alessandra Rich’s glamorous designs into her wardrobe. These two designers help shape the Alterdark Alternative look that she frequently sports.

Here are some of the essential elements of her Alterdark Alternative style:

  • Ruffles: Adds a touch of femininity and drama to an otherwise dark outfit.
  • Edgy fabrics: Leather or metallics juxtaposed with soft ruffles create a unique balance.
  • Bold accessories: Statement jewelry, like chunky necklaces and earrings, elevates the look.
  • Contrasting colors: Rosé often opts for black, white, or bold pops of color to stand out on stage.

In summary, Rosé’s Alterdark Alternative look centers around ruffles and dark, edgy elements, with influences from designers like Paco Rabanne and Alessandra Rich. This unique style sets her apart from other fashion icons, while still radiating confidence and glamour.

Blackpink Merch Performance

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We’ve noticed that the Blackpink fan base, known as Blinks, has shown considerable interest in the official merchandise, particularly the sweatshirts. These comfy and fashionable outfits showcase fans’ love for the K-pop group while maintaining a stylish appearance. Here are some key highlights of Blackpink merch performance:

  • Popularity: Blackpink sweatshirts are highly popular among Blinks. They come in various designs, featuring the group’s logo, the members’ names, and album-related graphics.
  • Versatility: These sweatshirts can be easily paired with jeans or casual pants, making them a go-to option for fans wanting to showcase their support for Blackpink in various settings.
  • Quality: The official Blackpink merch is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort. This adds value to the purchase and encourages repeat buyers.

In conclusion, the performance of Blackpink merch, especially sweatshirts, has proved to be satisfactory among fans, offering stylish and versatile options for Blinks to wear and express their support.

Rose & Jennie’s Twinning Style

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When it comes to the members of BLACKPINK, Rose and Jennie often showcase their similar fashion tastes. The two have been spotted rocking outfits from designer David Koma on multiple occasions. Let’s take a look at some of their impressive twinning moments.

  • Asymmetrical Dresses: Rose and Jennie both exhibited a love for asymmetrical dresses featuring exquisite detailing. They’ve worn David Koma’s ensembles, which showcase bold cuts, unique silhouettes, and remarkable embellishments.
  • Leather & Unique Textures: The duo also enjoys mixing leather with other textured fabrics, adding an eclectic twist to their wardrobe. David Koma’s designs often incorporate leather detailing, making them a perfect choice for Rose and Jennie’s fashion-forward sense of style.
  • Bold Accessories: To complete their twinning look, they often pair their standout outfits with eye-catching accessories like statement belts, oversized earrings, and chic chokers. These additions enhance their overall style and add cohesion to their coordinated outfits.

By choosing similar fashion elements and designer pieces like David Koma’s creations, Rose and Jennie’s twinning style highlights their shared fashion sense and the bond they share as members of BLACKPINK.

Regal Glam in Du-Du-Du Music Video

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In the Du-Du-Du music video, we were treated to a magnificent display of fashion by Blackpink. The outfits showcased a mix of elegance and edge, fitting the energetic and powerful theme of the song. Let’s discuss some highlights:

  • Jennie’s Powerful Ensemble: Jennie donned a black sequined top with bold, structured shoulders, paired with a shimmering silver pleated skirt. This outfit exemplified her strong character in the video.
  • Rosé’s Chic Look: Rosé wore a stunning red dress with intricate lace detailing and a high collar that commanded attention. Paired with thigh-high boots, the outfit emphasized her chic and alluring persona.
  • Lisa’s Edgy Attire: Lisa showed off her fierce side with a black leather crop top and matching mini skirt, adorned with silver chains. The addition of thigh-high lace-up boots completed her edgy look, perfectly representing the rapper in her element.
  • Jisoo’s Regal Elegance: Jisoo embodied regal glam in an ethereal white gown with exquisite, cascading ruffles. The plunging neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves added a touch of modern sophistication to the look.

These unforgettable outfits in the Du-Du-Du music video not only accentuated the group’s strong and captivating presence but also cemented their status as fashion icons in the world of K-pop.

Lisa’s Denim Jacket And Black Skirt

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We’ve noticed a memorable outfit choice from Blackpink’s Lisa, where she combined a denim jacket with a black mini skirt, resulting in a chic and edgy ensemble. To complete the look, Lisa sported knee-high boots which not only elevate the outfit but also add an extra dose of confidence.

The denim jacket gives a casual, laid-back feel to the overall attire, balancing out the fierceness of the black mini skirt. Lisa’s knee-high boots create a bold statement, showcasing her ability to blend different styles effortlessly.

Incorporating these elements, Lisa successfully exhibits a fashionable and versatile Blackpink outfit that has left fans in awe of her impeccable sense of style.

Jennie’s Gorgeous Ruched Dress

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Jennie Kim, a member of the K-pop sensation BLACKPINK, is known for her spectacular fashion choices. One memorable outfit she has sported is a stunning ruched mini dress. Let’s dive into the details of this eye-catching piece.

  • The mini dress features an intricate ruched design that accentuates her curves, showcasing Jennie’s iconic style.
  • Jennie has proven that she can pull off the ruched mini dress on various occasions, such as red carpet events or even casual outings.
  • The dress’s form-fitting design highlights her toned physique, while the vibrant color adds a pop of contrast to her overall aesthetic.

As we can see, Jennie’s stylish ruched dress is a statement piece that embodies her daring and fashionable persona. This outfit is just one example of BLACKPINK’s exceptional style that captivates fans all over the world.

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