16 Gentle Homemade Makeup Setting Sprays

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Makeup setting sprays are budge-proof and keep your makeup where you left it. Finishing sprays can moisten the skin. You can apply makeup setting spray either before or after applying makeup.

When you spray blended cream makeup before powder, you create a protective layer and longer lasting finish. If you spray it after powder, you take away the powdery look of your makeup and blend everything together. It is your choice.

There is also a debate whether you should using makeup setting sprays or powder. Well, setting sprays make the makeup last longer.

With that in mind, why should you opt for a natural and homemade makeup setting spray? What stops you from going to the store and buying one? Or ordering online? Well, nothing stops you.

But can you be sure that commercial makeup sprays contain no toxic materials and chemicals? With homemade products, you know exactly what you put. Here are some ideas.

1. Two-Ingredient Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: gigisadventures.net

We start off with a simple, yet effective setting spray. All you need is purified water and aloe vera. The recipe calls for 2 cups of water to 1 cup of aloe vera. But you can customize the recipe to your needs. Shake the bottle and spray it.

The spray helps make your makeup last longer. And it will look smoother and better blended.

2. Witch Hazel Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: theindianspot.com

The beauty of natural products is that they provide bonus benefits. For example, witch hazel has skin calming and pore-unclogging properties. You can use this setting spray to make sure your makeup doesn’t clog pores.

And most importantly, this spray is antimicrobial. It will diminish the appearance of large pores and control excess oil.

3. Makeup Setting Spray For Acne Prone Skin

Tutorial: recipeswithessentialoils.com

Acne prone skin is challenging. It is hard to control oil production, pores, and everything else. And with acne prone skin, you can never be sure that the makeup will last until the evening. This makeup spray will help you achieve a long-lasting and matte finish.

And thanks to vegetable glycerin, the spray will act as a skin barrier. It locks in moisture and helps hydrate skin.

4. Versatile Makeup Setting Mist

Tutorial: venusianglow.com

What we love about mist or spray is the ingredients. You can easily find them. And the recipe is super easy. There are added variations and tweaks you can try. You can tinker with the ingredients.

But let’s start with the basic version, which is aloe vera, glycerin, and water. This makeup is versatile. You can mix it with powder eye shadow to foil makeup, or use it as a toner or a refreshing spray.

5. Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: 2momsnaturalskincare.com

If you want to save up to $30 on a makeup setting spray, we have an idea for you. And you get more than the few ounces of commercial product. This setting spray helps with makeup, but also hydrates and relaxes your skin.

During the hot weather, when makeup melts on your face, you definitely need something to keep it up. This is it.

6. Toner Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: enzabeautiful.com

If you need a makeup tool on a budget, this might be it. This makeup spray works by using your toner. Yes, you can mix your toner with other ingredients to get a makeup setting spray. And it will tone and even out your skin complexion in the process. Sounds good enough?

7. All-In Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: newlove-makeup.com

With the same four ingredients, you can make two different setting sprays. You can make one for dewy and one for matte finish. And the best part is, all ingredients are available in the market. It is time to try it.

8. Tea Tree Oil Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: nelliebellie.com

You can easily make a makeup spray for a fraction of the cost popular brands. And they work. This time, we will show you a tutorial for easy makeup spray you can further personalize. Yes, you can customize it to your own preferences.

The best part about this makeup spray is it contains nutrients that are beneficial for your skin. Tea tree oil is one of the best antimicrobial essential oils.

9. Homemade Rosewater Makeup Setting Spray And Toner

Tutorial: arti-arte.com

Simply applying rose water on your skin is enough. Rose water has so many benefits for your skin. For starters, it helps hydrate and moisturize your skin. But it also tones the skin and provides anti-aging properties. Most importantly, rose water is a great cleaner.

Now, you can use it for your setting spray. Think about it for a second. Your makeup stays for hours, and it hydrates your skin at the same time. Dream come true.

10. Green Tea Acne Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: beauty-vanity.com

Here is another setting spray that will bring many benefits to your skin. Green tea protects the skin from free radicals and soothes inflammation. If you have acne-prone skin, this remedy will become your go-to setting spray. You can use it before and after applying makeup.

If you need a refreshing product for your skin, this is it.

11. Cucumber Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: naturalbeautyworkshop.com

As with other makeup setting sprays, you can customize this one. But the best part is not the versatility. The best part here is the hydration. Cucumber contains more than 90% water. That is a lot of hydration for your skin.

The other ingredient is aloe vera gel. It promotes a matte finish, but if you want a dewy look, do not use aloe vera and add extra water.

12. Vitamin E Makeup Setting Spray And Face Mist

Tutorial: beyoutifulandchic.wordpress.com

We know Vitamin E is a great moisturizer. This treatment also contains rose water and glycerin. That is an abundance of hydration for your skin. And it also heals your skin of redness and irritation.

13. Makeup Setting Spray With Alcohol

Tutorial: beautymunsta.com

Your first question probably is why alcohol? Well, alcohol gives your setting spray a more mattifying look. And it helps the spray and makeup stay on longer. You can use rose water on its own, but it will not last as long as alcohol. Now, we are not saying to use alcohol that will dehydrate and dry your skin. Do not worry about that.

14. Shimmer Setting Spray

Tutorial: alifeadjacent.com

If you are getting ready for a big formal event or dinner, this makeup spray will make you stand out of the crowd. It will provide illuminating effect on your skin and a pearlescent glow. Fun fact: it contains vodka. But vodka creates a barrier that holds your makeup in place. So, do you want a shimmer setting spray? That is the question.

15. Makeup Setting Spray With Essential Oils

Tutorial: theplantguru.com

Most of us know the skin benefits of essential oils. We will not list them now. But it is worth noting that essential oils are godsend ingredients for your skin. Depending on your needs, you can use different essential oils. For this setting spray, we opted for Manuka essential oil.

This oil has calming properties for your skin. You can use it to soothe irritation and inflamed areas.

16. Glycerin Makeup Setting Spray

Tutorial: 7beautytips.com

We finish off with a classic recipe. Glycerin is an ingredient you will find in almost all setting sprays. Well, here is one where it is the main ingredient, not the supporting ingredient. Glycerin locks in moisture, and helps your skin glow during the day.

With that in mind, if you have any other recipes for setting sprays, you can send them to us or share in the comments.

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