20 Dressy Pants Outfits That Will Elevate Your Style

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dressy pants

At a first glance, dressy pants sound like a very boring piece of clothing because the meaning itself is pants suitable for formal events. So, the first thing that pops on your mind is just plain, black long pants, the classic ones. But that’s not the case.

You’ll need a pair of dressy pants if you want to put together a formal or semi-formal look. Dressy pants are easy to experiment with and elevate your style because they are far from basic and ordinary.

So, ladies, I’ve selected 20 dressy pants outfits for you that are so stylish and classy at the same time (and casual ones too) that will prove to you that pants can be an interesting and fun and creative piece of clothing. These outfits will help you look unique at the next formal event that you’ll attend to and you will feel so confident and elegant.

Flared Dressy Pants

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Flared is so in style this season I just had to put the flared dressy pants first on the list. Combined with a satin top and stylish heels you have a flattering formal outfit for evening events.

Pleated Dressy Pants

Photo: instagram.com

Pleated dressy pants look so well because they accentuate your hips but make your legs look longer because they are wide-leg and high waisted. To enhance your silhouette, make it an all-black outfit like in the picture above, with a sleeveless top and black belt.

Semi-Casual Dressy Pants

Photo: instagram.com

The semi-casual dressy pants like these ones are meant for daytime events and activities like work meetings. The pants are formal but the sweater is casual so there is a perfect balance. You will stand out because you won’t be dressed too formal.

Grid Print Dressy Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

This outfit is also semi-formal and is worthy of work and any day event. Grid pattern pants are a way to add a little something to your outfit if you don’t want to wear regular pants. Adding heels and elegant jewellery will complete this outfit.

Black and White Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.cl

Never enough of the black and white combination! It is so easy to combine and you’ll never make mistakes with this colour combo. We all know the basic and most common work-related, make-your-outfit-looking professional is the black pants and white shirt combination. However, this outfit contains the basics in it but as you can see the clothes are different. The dressy pants are high-waisted and have an attached belt. This detail makes the dressy pants look more elegant and suitable for evening formal events as well as the white elegant blouse which also looks but is not the usual button-down shirt. Adding statement jewellery would be great for this outfit.

Monochrome Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Monochromatic dressing, in fashion, refers to wearing separates in one colour with varied textures and/or similar tones of that colour for an overall tonal look. You’ll never go wrong when wearing a pantsuit for any occasion. Since the pantsuit is ocher, it’s more suitable for the golden October and November days. And the crop top is screaming sexy!

Spring Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.cl

I wanted to show you a spring version of the same pantsuit outfit, however, this outfit is more suitable for office and daily events because, unlike the outfit above, this one has literally all the basic elements: a pantsuit and a button-down shirt.

Pink Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

An all-pink outfit is so feminine and so cute and so elegant! The dressy pants are high-waisted and have a big belt that will accentuate your slim waist.

Yellow Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Yellow is such a beautiful colour that will totally make you look young and fresh. These are wide-leg dressy pants with black and white stripes on the bottom. If it weren’t for the pattern, they would’ve looked very basic. So it’s a great idea to wear dressy pants with patterns.

Leather Dressy Pants

Photo: pinterest.cl

If you are a girl that loves to experiment and spice up her outfits, then wearing leather dressy pants will definitely make everyone’s jaws drop. It’s so high-fashion and bold and sexy.

Low Rise Dressy Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

If you have squared type of body, low-rise dressy pants will look great on you. This outfit is a summer look with pastel colours that will definitely make your summer tan pop up.

Striped Dressy Pants

Photo: pinterest.cl

For a casual summer outfit, these blue and white striped dressy pants evoke the summer freshness and the sea. The white t-shirt makes the outfit semi-casual but you can add a different top depending on the formality of the event you are dressing up for.

Casual Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: instagram.com

This is the most casual outfit on the list. Cotton or linen dressy pants with a basic t-shirt or crop top will do for the hot summer days.

Wide Leg Linen Dressy Pants

Photo: pinterest.cl

Linen always looks so elegant and casual at the same time. Definitely my favourite material! These wide-leg pants are so comfy and breathable, you’ll never get them off!

Navy Blue Monochrome Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Another monochrome outfit but not involving a pantsuit. Here we have navy blue mid-rise dressy pants, a navy blue sweater and ballet flats. Navy blue is always a colour that makes your outfit elegant and feminine.

Floral Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.cl

What’s more feminine than a floral pattern? Here we have a floral pattern with red, pink blue and white flowers. Your purse should be in one of these colours! But if you put a top with those colours it would be too much. Choose a white or black or beige top to complete the outfit.

Colour-Blocked Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

You are never enough of colour blocking! Green dressy pants and a pink shirt is so bold and will bring your fashion skills to another level.

Slitted Dressy Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

If you want to add an extra something to your outfit that will make you look sexier then slitted dressy pants are key. It’s not revealing but add mystique.

Summer Dressy Pants Outfit

Photo: pinterest.com

Yet another summer outfit. These dressy pants are suitable for absolutely every occasion because they look formal and casual and elegant. So you can adjust your outfit depending on the occasion but it will depend on the other details you add to your outfit like your top, your purse, shoes, accessories etc.

Plaid Dressy Pants

Photo: pinterest.com

Plaid and dressy pants go along so well.

That’s it, girls. Wearing dressy pants is a must for a professional woman that wants to make a statement with her clothes, so you should definitely make room for them in your wardrobe. I hope I’ve inspired you yet again to experiment with your style, or at least help you choose what to wear and shop for when you don’t know what to wear.

Until next time!

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