10 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions – Get Your Sun-Tanned Body Right Away

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Let’s be fair, nothing matches the beauty of sun-kissed and glowing skin as a result of tanning out on the beach in summer. But the summer lasts only two to three months, and let’s be honest, not all of us are on the beach for a full month or two. And not all of us live close to a beach.

In the same time, we have to mention the dangers of being in the sun for too long, as it can cause troubles for your skin. The good news is that you can get that tanned body easily, using the best indoor tanning lotion.

Luckily, there are alternatives that do not require risking UV damage. Indoor tanning lotions are considered the best way of getting a summer glow on your face.

With that in mind, today, we will talk about how to use them, how to get the most out of your tanning lotion, and what are the best products you can get.

Quick Summary

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter -...
Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion,...
2 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Skin Softening Golden Indoor...
Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter -…
Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion,…
2 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Skin Softening Golden Indoor…
  • Very soft and hydrating formula
  • Smells amazing
  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • Control tan intensity
  • Quick dry formula
  • Cheap price
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Increases melanin formation
  • Smooth and luxurious formula
Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter -...
Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter -…
  • Very soft and hydrating formula
  • Smells amazing
  • Can be used on sensitive skin
Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion,...
Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion,…
  • Control tan intensity
  • Quick dry formula
  • Cheap price
2 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Skin Softening Golden Indoor...
2 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Skin Softening Golden Indoor…
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Increases melanin formation
  • Smooth and luxurious formula

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Products ( 2020 Review )

#1 Devoted Creations #Tanlife Hydrating Tanning Butter

You will hardly find a tanning lotion that smells this good and makes your skin so soft. But on the flip side, you won’t get much tan. 

Yes, this is a tanning butter, but there are some ladies that claim their skin did not get darker a single bit.

Maybe that is because this luxurious tanning butter is mild and gentle, and can be used even on the most sensitive skin. 

The hydrating formula gives you a beach glow, and the shea butter keeps your skin protected.

The downside, as mentioned, is that it doesn’t have an instant color bronzer. 

Instead, the color bronzing develops naturally, and you have to apply multiple times per week for a while to see any results.

#2 Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

The Ed Hardy coconut kisses lotion is great for those who want to protect their tattoos.

Enriched with coconut milk, the formula will leave your skin feeling smooth and luxurious.

In addition to coconut milk, the formula also has coconut oil, which is a natural moisturizer.

You also get tyrosine and melanobronze blend that will increase melanin formation and accelerate tanning.

Last, but not least, the formula includes melactiva melanin synthesizer that will make sure the tan last for a longer period. 

In addition to tanning, you can use this lotion for improving skin firmness and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Talk about bonus points.

#3 Australian Gold Sinfully Black

This is a premium quality tanning lotion. 

The manufacturer claims it delivers 15 times darker skin than regular tanning lotions.

The deep and dark formula contains berry fragrance and moisturizers that leave your skin smooth after the tanning session. 

And you can also use it as a bronzer.

The price is quite affordable as well.

You will hardly find a high-quality product at this price.


For those with sensitive skin, this product is a godsend. 

Free of parabens, dyes, and perfumes, this lotion will never cause you an allergic reaction. And it is odorless.

Made of pure hemp seed oil, oatmeal, and mango seed butter. 

All three are powerful moisturizers that will soothe and protect your skin. 

Can also protect your skin from drying out.

The downside is that you won’t get much darker skin tone, as there are no bronzers in the formula.

#5 Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tan

This is a true drugstore product you can easily buy. And the price is the lowest among the other options.

On the flip side, you get the quality of a drugstore item. 

Yes, you can control the amount of tan.

What does that mean? 

Well, apply the product more often, and you will get a deeper tan.

Apply it less often, and you are left with a light sun-kissed tan. The quick dry formula takes between 2 and 4 hours to give you a tanned look.

#6 Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black

This is among the most popular online sold products. 

With more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon, you are getting a product tried and tested by many people.

You get a blend that delivers a long and lasting dark tan.

Works on most skin types. 

The emulsion silicone formula will give you a silky soft feel. And at the same time, you get a fresh cotton blossom fragrance that smells amazing.

This lotion doubles as skin firming lotion.

#7 Snooki My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion

This tanning lotion not only helps you achieve the sun-kissed tan but also moisturizes your skin. 

We said before that in order to maximize efficiency, you have to apply moisturizer. 

Well, this lotion is 2 in 1 product. Enriched with aloe vera and matcha extract, the lotion will provide nourishment and hydration for your skin.

You can easily achieve that beach glow. After all, the lotion contains the word “beach” in its name. And you can also use it to reduce skin redness.

One downside is that the lotion is quite watery. And it doesn’t have any bronzer in it, so if you do not like bronzer in your lotion, this product works perfectly.

#8 Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

With native Australian oils, vitamin A, and vitamin E, this skin hydrating formula provides maximum tanning experience. 

You can use it indoor and outdoor

Great for those who want a little tingle experience when they use it. 

You get the tingling effect due to tea tree oil, but also antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

The best features of the tanning lotion are instant bronzers and tanning intensifiers. That makes it perfect for those with fair skin. 

The formula contains henna and caramel that will instantly give you a sun-kissed appearance. 

It the same time, the formula contains biosine complex that stimulates pigment production, helping you achieve a natural tan. And on top of that, there are natural moisturizers that will keep your skin healthy.

#9 Ed Hardy Obnoxious Indoor Tanning Lotion

This is an extreme formula you should use only for extreme cases.

That means if you do not like a tingling sensation, which can be as severe as burning, do not buy it. 

The quick and intense tanning comes at a price, and that is a tingling sensation.

Definitely for the faint-hearted. But at the same time, it gives you extreme bronzing tan. And you get both immediate results, and delayed ones.

#10 Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

This is one of the more popular products on a global level.

The luminary bronzer has a silicone-based formula that will work wonders for your skin.

Smooth and well blended, it is quite easy to apply on your skin.

The manufacturer claims tanning is 25 times darker than standard brands. 

And it has a fast-setting not-irritant formula that works on all skin types.

How to maximize your indoor tanning session?

Let’s start with the basics. To get a good tan, you need a maximum efficiency tanning session. When you schedule your first session, make sure to prepare.

How can you prepare?

Well, the thing you need to do is exfoliate one day before a tanning session. When you get rid of dead skin cells on the top surface of your skin, you allow the skin to absorb the tanning treatment, and it makes it easier to tan. Plus, the bronze will last longer.

Remember, do not start the treatment a day before your big event. You need to begin your tanning sessions a couple of weeks before you want to look your best. It takes a while to build a tan safely.

When it comes to frequency of sessions, you want to space them at least two days apart. This will protect your skin from any undesirable and side effects.

When you go for a tanning session, or when you apply indoor tanning lotions, make sure to bring an old towel with you. Rubbing your body will stain the towel, and you want to use a towel that is old and will probably go to waste.

What to consider when buying indoor tanning lotion?

Not all brands are worth purchasing. That is the sad truth many learn the hard way.

The reality is that there are many brands and products out there, but not all of them work. In order to get your money’s worth, you need to do some research and find products that work.

Luckily for you, we’ve done that for you. And we want to share some tips with you what to look for in a tanning lotion.

First things first, check the ingredients. Be sure they are safe for your skin type. And for your skin in general. You might be allergic to some ingredients, and if you which ones, make sure there are none of them in the lotion.

Never compromise on safety when you are looking for a tanning lotion. Next, check the ease of use. Some tanning lotions require a tanning bed to activate.

Overall, the best thing is to get a self-activating tanning lotion. They are cheaper, and they do not require going to the salon for an indoor tanning session.

Risks of indoor tanning

  • Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and artificial sources (such as tanning beds and sun lamps) have been declared carcinogen by the World Health Organization
  • UV radiation from indoor tanning devices is associated with increased risk of melanoma skin cancer
  • Using indoor tanning beds before the age of 35 can increase the risk of melanoma by 59%
  • Women younger than 30 are six times more likely to develop melanoma if they use indoor tanning sources like lamps and tanning beds

With that in mind, indoor tanning lotions that are self-activated, are not considered UV radiation artificial source. That is why many women have started using them, and avoid using tanning beds

Frequently asked tanning questions

  • Can I get a tan after just one session?

Yes, and no. In rare cases, yes, but your skin needs a few tanning sessions so that it oxidizes the melanin, darkens, and then produce a tan. The process cannot be rushed. Usually, it takes between 3 and 5 sessions to get a good tan

  • How often should I tan?

If you want to build a regular tan, you should tan regularly. But do not do it on a daily basis. Ideally, you want to let some time to go by, but not too much. We recommend waiting between 36 and 48 hours in between sessions. This will allow the tan to fully develop before the next treatment. You can build up the tan gradually

  • How long does it take to get a tan?

You will notice the results after the first two sessions, but it might take several weeks to get a good tan. We recommend starting tanning sessions two to three weeks before your big event

  • Why my tan fades?

Tanning of the skin happens in the top layer of the skin, called the epidermis. This outer layer, sheds every 30 days, causing the tan to fade. The process of shedding can speed up by indoor heating, hot water, cold weather, and harsh soaps

  • How to have my tan last longer?

Make sure to apply moisturizer on your skin on a regular basis, increase your water consumption, and use neutral pH soaps. Also, shower in warm water

  • Is there a time when I shouldn’t use tanning lotions?

Generally speaking, tanning is safe during the entire year. However, if you are taking photosensitizing medications, you should not use tanning productions. These medications increase the risk of overexposure. You should also avoid tanning if you are pregnant

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