9 Best Hair Masks For Dry, Damaged Hair – Sort Your Frizzy Hair

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Dry damaged hair
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You might think that your face is the only area it can get dry and damaged. But no, your hair can be dry as well.

Just as our face is exposed to environmental issues like dirt, winds, pollution, harsh chemicals, and so on, our hair strands go through a lot as well.

To make sure your hair is healthy and shiny, you might need to look for the best hair masks for dry damaged hair.

These hair masks work for every dry and damaged hair problem you might have.

For example, fried ends, dry and lackluster hair, lifeless curls, and more. Now, the problem is, finding the best hair masks for dry damaged hair might be harder than cracking a code.

Luckily for you, we have managed to find the ones worth taking a look. Hair masks might not seem essential for you. But try them, and you will see your hair becomes soft, shiny, and lustrous.

Hair masks are even more needed for people with over-styled, colored, treated, or processed in any other way hair.

Quick Summary

Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pack, 8.81 oz.
Curly Hair Products by Carol's Daughter, Coco Creme...
Living proof Restore Mask Treatment, 8 oz
Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pack, 8.81 oz.
Curly Hair Products by Carol’s Daughter, Coco Creme…
Living proof Restore Mask Treatment, 8 oz
  • Fortified with hair beneficial ingredients
  • Works great
  • Available in a set system with shampoo and conditioner
  • Paraben and silicones free
  • No mineral oils
  • Perfect antidote for dry hair
  • Eliminates breakage
  • Restores moisture to healthy levels
  • Paraben and phthalate-free
Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pack, 8.81 oz.
Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pack, 8.81 oz.
  • Fortified with hair beneficial ingredients
  • Works great
  • Available in a set system with shampoo and conditioner
Curly Hair Products by Carol's Daughter, Coco Creme...
Curly Hair Products by Carol’s Daughter, Coco Creme…
  • Paraben and silicones free
  • No mineral oils
  • Perfect antidote for dry hair
Living proof Restore Mask Treatment, 8 oz
Living proof Restore Mask Treatment, 8 oz
  • Eliminates breakage
  • Restores moisture to healthy levels
  • Paraben and phthalate-free

Best Hair Masks for Damaged Hair ( 2021 Review )

#1 Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pak

Fortified with ingredients like jojoba oil, wheat protein, and keratin, this mask will breathe new life into your damaged hair.

Just make sure not to overdose.

You can buy the mask on its own, or use it in combination with the shampoo and conditioner.

The later might be a quite expensive treatment, but it is well worth the money.

The mask needs to sit on your hair for 10 minutes, and then rinse it.

You will notice your hair looks unrecognizably better.

#2 Living Proof Restore Mask

This mask can make your dry and damaged hair 20 times stronger, and almost eliminate breakage. And that is just after one usage.

Paraben-free, phthalate-free, silicone-free, and dyes free.

All in all, an amazing mask that promises to restore moisture levels.

Your hair will look healthy and shiny in no time.

Use it on clean and wet hair, and apply generously from roots to ends. After five minutes, rinse thoroughly, and enjoy the results.

This mask should be used as a conditioner, or just after you shampoo your hair.

#3 Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment

Philip Kingsley is the leading authority in hair and scalp health in the United States.

Hair products by the company are always of high quality, but they also come with a higher price tag as well.

So, if you want to pay for a luxury hair care products, you have options.

This is one of the more convenient hair masks on the market.

Designed for damaged hair before you shampoo your hair. Use it as a weekly treatment.

With ingredients like castor oil, glycerin, fruit oils, and more, the mask offers intense hydration for your dry hair. And it works on processed and colored hair.

#4 Carol's Daughter Coco Crème Curl Quenching Deep Moisture Mask

With a blend of coconut oil, coconut milk, mango butter, and other types of butter, this hair mask will give your hair all hydration it needs.

Think of it as the perfect antidote for dry hair.

The mask has a thick texture and gives your hair a buttery dose of replenishing hydration.

You can use it on its own, or combine with the Coco Crème shampoo and condition for a full system treatment.

After usage, your hair will be stronger, shinier, and softer.

Adds deep moisture to your hair, and improves manageability. Works even on people with naturally curly hair.

#5 Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Hair Mask

If you need a cheap hair mask, you cannot go wrong with the Crème of Nature Pure honey mask.

Made with no sulfates, no mineral oil, it is almost natural masks for your hair.

Use it to tame and control frizz, replenish moisture, and treat damaged hair.

Honey is a natural humectant that helps your hair retain moisture. And this mask has honey as the core active ingredient.

But there are also other moisturizing ingredients, including coconut oil and shea butter.

#6 Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask

Probably the most expensive mask you can find when you search for best hair masks for dry damaged hair.

But that is because the ingredients in the mask are very rare.

This is the only mask you will find with prickly pear seed oil, one of the richest natural sources of vitamin E on the market.

The deeply nourishing formula works for all hair types. And the best part is, you can use it on a daily basis.

While some other masks can be overpowering if used on a daily basis, this one works.

Use it to restructure and reinforce your hair from the inside out.

#7 David Mallett Mask No. 1: L'Hydration

The idea behind the mask is simply, hydrate your strands like a glass of water.

Several years ago, this mask was exclusive for the salon of the French guru. But after years of demand, the mask is now available for mass usage as well.

You will have to pay some extra to get it, but it is worth your money.

The special moisturizing treatment works for normal to dry, but even extremely dry and damaged hair.

It is highly concentrated, with a powerful protein complex as the main active ingredient.

The formula is unscented, and it can penetrate deep into your hair strands to restore your hair’s shine and bounce.

#8 La Tierra Sagrada Treatment

Consider this mask as a hair ritual for damaged and dry hair.

If your hair feels lifeless, this natural medicine is all you need.

You can rarely find natural masks for an affordable price nowadays. But this formula is one of those rare gems.

The formula contains coconut oil, vitamin E, palo santo, and more hydration ingredients.

As a rejuvenating and moisturizing treatment, it will repair split ends, damaged hair, but also balance out scalp irritations.

As a bonus, the treatment also stimulates hair follicles and speeds up hair growth.

#9 RICH Pure Luxury Argan Color Protect Mask

This mask provides intense hydration for dry and damaged hair.

As a nourishing mask, you can use it for overly processed hair.

Or in other words, if you bleach your hair often, or apply other chemical treatments, you need something that will bring your hair back to life.

This mask does that.

Perfect for frizzy and brittle hair.

Use it as an essential treatment for reducing side effects of damage from heat tools styling, and chemical treatments.

Argan oil is already dubbed as one of the best ingredients for hair care, and this mask has it in abundance.

What is dry hair?

Dry hair develops when your hair doesn’t get or retain enough moisture.

When your hair is dry, it reduces its sheen and can make it look frizzy, dull, and frankly, lifeless. If you thought you are immune to it, think again.

Dry hair can affect both men and women, and people of all ages. However, as you get older, you are more prone to dry hair.

To understand dry hair, you have to understand the composition of your hair. It consists of three layers, the outer, inner, and middle. When your hair is healthy, natural oils in the outer layer protect the inner layers and provide moisture.

Healthy hair will also reflect light in the outer layers, making your hair appear shiny. However, when your hair is dry, the outer layer breaks down, and your hair looks unhealthy.

What causes dry hair?

Simply put, your hair gets dry because your scalp does not produce enough moisture, does not get enough moisture, or does not retain moisture.

Your hair does not have natural lubrication. Instead, it relies on oils made in the hair roots to keep it moisturized. However, when your hair does not produce enough oils.

As you age, your hair naturally stops producing enough oils. In some cases, your hair might produce excess oils, and that leads to oily and greasy hair.

Neither one is good, as you want to avoid both oily and dry hair. Dry hair can lead to peeling, and dandruff and flaking.

In some cases, the moisture you have can be escaping. As mentioned, your hair strands have a protective outer layer called the cuticle.

This layer shields your hair from heat and sun damage. However, when the cuticle’s layers are damaged, it is not able to hold moisture and some oil escapes.

Here are several reasons why your hair might be damaged, and produce fewer oils or lose the ability to retain moisture:

  • Over-washing with harsh shampoos will strip your hair of its natural oils
  • Blow drying too often
  • Applying alcohol-based styling products often
  • Using heated hair straighteners or curling irons on a regular basis
  • Exposing your hair to the sun, dry air, and wind
  • Applying chemical treatments like dyes and relaxers

Tips for preventing hair dryness

In addition to using best hair masks for dry damaged hair, we also recommend following and making some lifestyle changes.

Trying these techniques will ensure your hair does not lose oils and produces a perfect balance of moisture to keep your scalp hydrated and your hair shiny.

  • Wash your hair less often, for example, once or twice per week
  • Use a mild shampoo when washing your hair
  • Use a shampoo designed for dry hair
  • Do not use products with alcohol, as they can be drying to your hair
  • Always apply a moisturizing conditioner after the shampoo to keep cuticles healthy
  • Massage coconut oil into your scalp once per week to replenish moisture
  • Avoid chemical hair treatments
  • Avoid flat irons, curling irons, electric rollers
  • Do not blow dry your hair too often

Why you need to react quickly

Believe it or not, but dry hair can cause complications. Dry hair is a sign of hair damage.

If you do not react quickly and apply best hair masks for dry damaged hair, your hair will become brittle. That will cause your untreated hair to break or fray easily.

The good news is that most causes of dry hair can be treated with simple lifestyle changes. But you will also need a boost of masks for dry hair.

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