Where to travel this December


If you need some ideas on where to go in December for your major year-end holiday, here are some suggestions. These places are based on a few factors, special festivities you can’t miss, weather, proximity and more. If you’re heading off to somewhere even more awesometastic feel free to share!


It will be slightly cold during winter in Hong Kong but definitely not as bad as somewhere else that might be snowing. Typhoon season is over so you don’t have to worry about your flights. Anyway Pharrell Williams is curating a music festival in West Kowloon called Blohk Party on 7th December and the line-up is pretty amazing. Imagine bobbing your head to Pharrell, Breakbot, Justice, Busy P in the cold…


Guess what? The holiday paradise that’s known to be sinking is actually only four and half hours away. Yes it’s that short, but somehow many people think it’s as far as Africa (or for the geographically challenged, the Caribbean). To be able to fly out from Singapore on budget is also the icing on top.

The World’s Best Island is the other alternative to Maldives, for now. It’s getting more and more popular with tourists and you know what happens when that happens… Read about my Boracay trip sponsored by AirAsia right here for all the travel tips and must-gos if you ever visit Boracay.


Bangkok’s weather in December is perfect. Windy, not so warm, not so humid etc. Moreover the iconic Siam Center has just been re-launched earlier this year and now houses over 200 brands including some of the most brilliant promising local designers. Just go there, and shop. Don’t forget to check out the famous weekend markets in Bangkok where you get to hunt down ultra rare vintage finds.

This explains all. Only when you go to Nepal then you will become more hilarious. Enjoy December everybody!

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