Taipei First-Timer

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What took me so long to visit Taiwan? I have no idea.

But after visiting the city recently, I totally get the hype. While the shopping might not be as good as Hong Kong or Tokyo, Taipei takes the title for having the best food. Tourists and locals have a huge appetite for exotic cuisines and weird hybrids that you don’t usually see anywhere. I combed through a total of 3 night markets – the famous Shilin, Rao He and the more low key neighbourhood-y Tong Hua – here’s what I can sum up with:

– Everything you know about food doesn’t exist anymore
– Stomach became a bottomless pit
– Body smelling like a concoction of stinky tofu and grilled squid
– Food so delicious you forgot your own name

Yes totally getting the hype now. Besides the night markets. A few things that strike me about the island country – the strong cafe and art culture. There are cute cafes littered everywhere, usually at obscure corners of the streets with Kinfolk worthy decor. The museums, like the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), houses many indie exhibitions which changes from time to time. The one place that you should not miss is the Huashan creative park which is a cultural hub in an old sake winery featuring shops and local art, film, crafts & events.

My trip was disturbed by a strong typhoon which gives me a good enough reason to go back again soon. Check out some photos (mainly food) from the trip here:

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