Savoring Sanya


I never thought I could do this, but I survived. Three days in an isolated mountain with no access to email and Facebook. Guess where was I? Sanya.

It’s touted as the “Hawaii of China” because it’s one of those rare islands off shore from the mainland and it’s the south-est part of China which means it’s kinda tropical. The island is almost as huge as Taiwan, and the top north portion is the state capital, Haikou. That is where the usual international flights land and you can take a bullet train further down south to Sanya. At first sight this place seemed like a unicorn land to me 1) the climate doesn’t feel like China, it’s windy, sunny and palm trees everywhere 2) there are a lot of Russians, some local Chinese can speak Russian and there’re a lot of billboards/signs in Russian 3) there’s no such thing as the famous Singapore “Hainanese Chicken Rice”!

The place where I attempted isolation is at the bird nest houses that overlooks the entire Yalong Bay. Going up to the reception takes about 15 minutes and depending on which mountain you’re living you might need about half an hour before reaching your own hut. The road might be dangerous and scary but these guys driving the buggy do look like they know what they’re doing. It just freaked me out at night, that’s all.

If you’re planning to travel there, avoid end of year festive periods and also the typhoons. Check out some photos I’ve taken during the trip (via iPhone unfortunately) right here.