Love/Hate Relationship with New York City

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4 reasons why your relationship status with NYC on Facebook is “It’s complicated”

I have only been to America twice, once in September 2011 and most recently, June 2015. Both times I spent full 10 days in New York City. I definitely don’t qualify to write such an article as compared to all NYC residents, but from an outsider’s POV (point-of-view), I can see why some people have a love/hate relationship with this city.

1) Overly crowded
Coming from Hong Kong, “high population density” is second nature to me. The most crowded places are always the tourist hotspots, the sidewalks of busy roads, peak hours in the train etc. It’s stressful to be constantly surrounded by people, all the noise, the chatter and the smell you have to face on a daily basis. But with all these people, it makes you feel alive, and nothing beats being in a close-knit community in a small city.

2) Immigrants
New York City is where you “travel without moving”. It feels like 75% of the people in the city are foreigners and some of them are from such exotic places you know you will never meet them anywhere else in the world. Besides getting to know different culture it also make you feel at home as a foreigner, as there are probably a gazillion other people just like you in the city.

3) Gritty, grimy subway
You don’t need to hear another person whining about the state of the subway stations in New York. It further shows that the city is so fast paced that it cannot afford to renovate their stations. The trains can’t stop, the stations can’t close, the commute can’t be halted for a mere hour.

4) The never-ending winter
As if the cold is not killing you, winters are getting longer in New York City. If you are someone who loves snow, then you should not have a problem.

While there are many, many other reasons to fill in here, you can’t disagree that New York City is the place to be. Whether for a job stint, a school exchange or just visiting as a tourist for a short period, it’s a once in a lifetime experience to be in the city and take it all in.

[Photos in this post are all taken on iPhone 6 during my recent NYC trip to Manhattan and Brooklyn]

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