Back in Bali

bali 1

By the time you read this I’m probably in Sanya (island off south coast of China) already. Just last week I was back visiting Bali again after a little more than a year. It’s so near to Singapore that you know, it’s OK to even make it just a weekend trip and go as many times as you wish. In this latest trip I managed to explore a little bit more of the Seminyak area and the restaurants there. One of the highlights is of course going to the beaches. I am no beach person and I can’t surf, but there’s something about the Bali sunset that literally washes away all your worries or whatever in that magical moment. I am already planning my next visit to Bali again… it’s just exactly the place you need to go for a brain detox.

Just sharing some pictures from my 4 day trip, some of them are already on my Instagram:

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