ZARA Singapore launches ECommerce Today

zara singapore ecommerce 1

Here are three things to like about the site.

Most fast-fashion retail chains in Singapore lack an e-commerce platform. While Uniqlo is very agressive with their e-commerce promotions, ZARA and H&M are still falling short in terms of an online shopping counterpart. ZARA can be removed from that list starting 1st March 2017 (today!) when they officially launch their e-commerce website at, the same date as Malaysia. The online shopping experience is a 4/5 (loading time can be improved).

1. The site looks ultra sleek, in a very trendy design and layout. Instead of looking like a regular e-commerce website it feels like an online magazine rather than a catalogue. In fact, it can even pass off as any luxury fashion brand’s website.

2. Free shipping (for orders over $79) and free returns! These words are music to any online shoppers ears. There is also a simple Buying Guide to help you with your shopping. If an item ran out of stock in the physical stores you can now try your luck online.

3. All boxes used for shipping are reused and recycled – very environmental friendly. Find out more about their “Boxes with a past” here.