The bag and the muse

Mulberry Alexa.

Available January 12th online and in stores.

Alexa Chung has been seen carrying it around for months, and followers and fans alike have been raving about the bag. Bags inspired by celebs or models are common these days, but what makes The Alexa so special is that it actually fits her quirky sense of style, like it has been part of her wardrobe, and that she had owned the bag since forever. (She carried vintage satchels that look almost exactly like the Alexa previously). And with a shoulder strap, top handle and buckles, isn’t it the perfect day bag for running errands and even… going to school?

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  • jen

    now i want one too!!

  • AMB

    Love the Mulberry Alexa! It reminds me of the original Coach bags, you know…before it went LOGO mania that made it looked CHEAP and TRASHY.

    My mom bought a Coach bag recently and when she showed it to me, I was relieved to find out that she got the cafe au lait colored leather WITHOUT any trace of monogram. Phew!!

  • Chilchilia Pratiwi

    What Price this bag ?