‘Supernatural Science’ by Mae Pang

Of all recent up-and-coming designers emerging from Parco’s Incubator programme to Blueprint, you can’t help but still be amazed by Mae Pang‘s work, now in its second season. If you have seen the clothes up close you might have the same thought – the pleating on the soft tissue lycra/jersey material and all the metallic patchwork – it’s refreshing to see a young designer putting in so much attention to small details, it’s worth every single penny you will need to fork out for $100 up for a top to $300+ for a pleated dress.

Find Mae Pang at #P2-30L Parco Millenia Walk and A Curious Teepee at *Scape.

[images: MAE PANG facebook page]

  • Luth Seah

    Agreed wholeheartedly; the technical skills applied and fabrication for the collection amazes me as well!

    Some of the pieces looks like denim or leather in a glance, but looks totally different under-light, up-close, or to the touch. An evidently thoughtful collection with many layers for exploration!