Summer pants trend – what suits your body shape

Match your jeans to your body shape:

We’ve all got a few pairs of jeans in our wardrobe, and while they’re a go-to choice for lazy days, they can also be very flattering if you find the perfect pair. Retailers like have a great selection of jeans in all shapes and sizes, so spend a bit of time with this handy guide to find what style of jeans suits your body shape best.

Hipsters/flares suit shorter ladies
A wider leg at the bottom of your jeans creates a longer line overall, while balancing out your waist, hips and thighs. If you’re petite as well as on the short side, high-rise skinny jeans in a dark wash give a streamlining effect – and you can always add a few inches on with heels! Pair them with a top in a similar colour to your jeans to enhance the effect.
Lighter shades suit long legs
Skinny jeans are a great way to emphasise long legs, but if you’d rather achieve a shortening effect, go for a light wash and make sure you pick a pair that fit well. Alternatively, if your legs are too long for your jeans, consider turning them up at the ankle for a cropped look. A tunic top with a strong pattern will help separate your top half from the bottom.
Boot cut jeans suit apple shapes
Boot cut jeans help to streamline the thighs and give a slimming effect for apple shapes, and can be combined with heels to lengthen the legs. Dark washes with high pockets will slim down your bum, while vertical creases will add subtle volume to elongate your body overall. Support jeans that cinch in the stomach area can also help to streamline an apple’s frame.