The Marni X H&M collection will arrive in the one and only Singapore store at Orchard Building in about a week’s time! As a die-hard Marni fan, this is absolute collaboration heaven. On top of my list of must-gets: the hat (S$14.90), the necklaces (S$99.90) and the dotted pieces. The materials are mostly made of 100% cotton or 100% silk for the printed pieces, and there are a few tops and jackets with patent and leather as well. After touching the fabrics I have to say it’s not too bad for high-street quality.

So get ready for all the madness next Thursday morning, even if you are not queueing, watch out for the tweet flood!

  • Douce 29

    I love Marni too and love everything I’ve seen in their H&M catalog especially their play with the Bahhaus prints. Here in my country I go to the H&M in the nearby surburb where there’s no queue & I always manage to get what I want as with the other collaborations. Otherwise its a nightmare at the H&Ms in the city.

  • Caroline Laniel

    and that’s why I won’t go to the one at Orchard-Singapore…maybe the day after if by chance there is still a few interesting things left! 🙂

  • MadeInChina

    You are a diehard Marni fan?? Do you even know the location of the 2 Marni Boutique in Singapore?

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  • Douce 29

    I hope it went well in S’pore. It was less enthusiastic than with Versace but I think it sold very well. Items on Ebay the next day lol.