PREVIEW: H&M Fall/Winter 13/14

h&m fall 2013 1

I’m always excited to visit the H&M showroom to see the new season’s collection, especially the accessories, where we get to try on and play with. These are the items that are going into the stores in Singapore soon for the Fall/Winter 2013/14 season. While it’s normal that there will be a lot of coats, outerwear, leather and heavy stuff, check out the new accessories that are set to make your hearts flutter. The rings in the first photo are going for SGD$24.90 for a set of 6, everyone in the room went gaga over them. The shoes are pretty desirable as well. This season there’s a huge Balmain vibe in all the pieces, think dressing up like a royalty with an edge.

Check out the rest of the photos here:

h&m fall 2013 2

h&m fall 2013 3

h&m fall 2013 4

h&m fall 2013 5

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