Supports Saught for World Environment Day

promotionpage-world-environment-sg-intl-3-june, the e-commerce site of the homegrown accessories powerhouse, is supporting local label Saught in championing its cause for sustainable development. The collaboration happened in conjunction with World Environment Day, which happened last week on the 5th of June. Through this partnership, is retailing four designs from Saught’s line of handcrafted jewellery, which are all still available for purchase as of today.

Although relatively new, Saught has been gaining recognition in Singapore for its production method, strong messaging about the environment as well as their impeccable packaging. Their jewellery pieces are made from recycled scrap metals from war remnants recovered in Cambodia, like landmines and unexploded ordnance. This in turn creates an opportunity for the locals to once again use that land for agriculture and thus, rebuild their lives free from war and fear.

Most of their designs include symbols of peace, freedom, hope and love. Just think of objects like pigeons and paper planes.

All the items are while stocks last, check out more details about the collaboration right here.