Celine Trio Three Ways

celine trio

If you need your regular Celine Fix, I mean simply looking at the World’s Most Gorgeous Bags, head to DFS Scotts for now. They just opened a spanking new Celine boutique with all the exotic skins on display at level 3.

My recent damage from a visit to DFS includes this particular royal blue baby. I’m all about sling bags to take me from day to night, and I fell hard for this on first sight…

1) It’s actually three pouches stacked together and secured via buttons. Play it safe and use it as a regular sling bag.

2) You can separate them and viola! You are the owner of three Celine pouches.

3) If you have another friend who owns a Celine Trio in another color, swap the pouches and you have a multi colored version.

Are you planning on getting one too? Share your thoughts on the Trio!