It’s About To Get Nostalgic In Here – BATA Tennis Shoes Is Relaunching

Bata Tennis 1 Bata Tennis 2

In Singapore when people talk about Bata I guess they probably start from primary and secondary school, when almost every kid wears a pair of Bata. Little do people know that the brand is actually founded 120 years ago in Czech Republic. To celebrate the anniversary, Bata is relaunching its classic Bata Tennis shoes with a distinctive rubber toe. You can find it in original white canvas with green piping as well as classic versions in indigo blue and black canvas. There will also be other colours in the collection.

Can you believe these hipster looking shoes are from BATA?

Bata Tennis colors available (pairs)

The shoes are currently by reservation-only on a first-come-first-served basis at . To learn more about the history of the shoe, you can watch this fun (I mean really light hearted non-boring) video of the making process.