ASOS temporarily shuts down due to warehouse fire

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If you’re planning to buy something from online retailer ASOS, bad news, the site is currently down due to a fire in the warehouse. In a statement posted on its Facebook page this Saturday morning, ASOS says

“We experienced a fire in our warehouse tonight and fortunately nobody was hurt. We understand there has been substantial damage but it’s too early to ascertain the extent. We will not be taking any orders in the meantime. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.”

ASOS’s main Barnsley warehouse is more than 60,000 square metres in size and contains over 10 million boxes of packaging. The fire was so bad that apparently 10 fire engines were needed to stop it and none of the staff has been able to go in to check on the situation and damage yet.

This is an extremely unfortunate news and hopefully business will get back to normal for them as soon as possible. #PrayForASOS is trending on twitter.

ASOS distribution centre near Barnsley, South Yorkshire
ASOS distribution centre near Barnsley, South Yorkshire