Adidas x Raf Simons VS Nike x Riccardo Tisci

adidas-by-raf-simons-spring 2014 1Air-Force-1-Nike-RT 1

Looks like there’s a collaboration war between Adidas and Nike. Launching at around the same time and tagged with two big name designers, it’s too easy to compare both sneaker collaborations from the sporting giants. While Raf Simons is not new to putting his name in everything from denim to bag packs to sunglasses, it’s reeaaaaally rare to see Riccardo Tisci doing something else besides Givenchy. Moreover there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Tisci collection before it was launched, remember the feature in Vogue with him and Joan Smalls?

The Nike X T.C Air Force One collection has already been launched for about 5 days and they are probably all sold out at its NYC stores and pop-up shop by now. Anyone managed to score a pair?

adidas-by-raf-simons-spring 2014 2Air-Force-1-Nike-RT 2
Raf Simons X Adidas (left) and Nike x R.T Air Force 1 (right)