313 Somerset hunts for “The Official Mayor of 313”

It’s the Great Singapore Sale period again, and while you might be spoilt for choices on where to go, one mall has decided to stand out from others by holding a hunt for their very own official Mayor.

So, 313@Somerset is on the hunt for a Singaporean to be crowned ‘The Official Mayor of 313’ and will receive a year’s spending money, pampering treats, styling assistance, exclusive event invitations and of course, lots of love from the mall (seriously who doesn’t want that?)

To claim the title of mayor, four selected shoppers will compete against each other in various challenges while living in a unique ‘Room@313’ to be constructed at 313@Somerset as part of this year’s Great Singapore Sale (GSS) campaign.

The four shoppers will live in Room@313 for 10 days – from June 8th to June 17th—and participate in daily challenges such as fashion treasure hunts, styling outfits, and memory challenges, each requiring participants to think on their feet.

Members of the public will be able to see them in action at the mall and can also log on to Facebook to witness the ‘face- off’ online and vote for their favorite to win, on the 313@Somerset Facebook page – click here.

The participants will blog and tweet in real-time to actively update shoppers about their experiences and the mall’s latest promotions.

Find out more at the 313 Somerset facebook page here or call 8180 9598 or 6421 0142 now to apply!