10 X 1 at YESAH

Spice up your outfit this festive season with a little statement necklace – check out YESAH‘s new 10×1 range brought in all the way from Shanghai, China. The label features arty, funky and comical necklaces designed especially for people who dare to dress loud and proud out there. The accessories are all made entirely by hands of the designer herself, making every piece unique to the touch. Also come in the forms of earrings and bags, see more 10×1 pieces here, prices go from S$15 for a brooch to S$105 for a bag.

XMAS giveaway! Win yourself a SuperR dotted collar from YESAH worth S$16.50. Simply email to giveaway@rockthetrend.com with subject title “SuperR giveaway” with your name, contact and mailing address by 20 December. Thank you!