You will be missed.

RIP Daul Kim.


Quotes from her interview in Russh November ’09:

Where do yo call home?

I have been living in Paris for the past five months so Paris is my main base, but I would call Singapore home. Although none of my family lives there anymore…

If you weren’t modelling, where would you like to be?

I would like to be in a happy place.

What can’t you live without?

Hugs and caresses.

How do you keep trim and fit?

Stress from work.

You write (on her blog) very candidly and poetically, have you always like to express yourself with words?

I didn’t speak until I was seven and no one rally talked to me until I was older, so I guess…

So what’s next? What are you excited about?

I want happiness.

[image: stylebubble]

  • redapple

    She was such a shining store in the modeling world. Even though she wasn’t exactly the prettiest model, she definitely had the best personality you could ask for. She stood out like no other model(in my opinion). It’s truly a sad day today.
    I hope Daul find’s happiness wherever she may be & I pray to god to give her family the strength to carry on during this very difficult time.

  • dinie

    i still cant believe it.
    anyway, she lived in singapore?

  • Laila Lu

    she studied here, in a private school until 13.

    can’t believe it either…

  • Sophie

    Really, really sad news. She was so young and still had so much life left to live. It seems like this happens way too often, I just hope that the fashion industry takes better care of their models.

  • mario araujo

    for sure, we will miss her… but she has a reason to do it and might be better now… love her… her images will stay… rip daul!!!