Watch this face: Sigrid Agren

Even though Paris is an important fashion capital, there are hardly any french models out there who is as major. Ok there’s Morgane and umm, Laetita & Noémie, but maybe that’s all.

But this season, admist the whole pool of newcomers, this French lady caught my attention.

Sigrid Agren (New York model management)

At Marc by Marc Jacobs

At Calvin Klein

backstage at Y-3

She has eyes that can talk.


  • Betty Sze

    My friend Matthew Hunt at Ford, speaks highly of you.. I just wanted to let you know that Fashion Model Directory actually lifted my pic of Sigrid that I took of her backstage at Y3. I let them know but can you credit instead and cut off the FMD logo, which I don’t like that they put on?

    Thank you,

  • Laila

    Hi Betty,

    Sorry about this and ( 😀 😀 😀 @ Matthew). They lifted off the first picture also but thank god I double checked with, I searched for ‘Sigrid Agren’ but to no avail…

    Thanks you sooo much for the heads up, that’s a super lovely picture of Sigrid btw. And I think I better not take anymore pictures from FMD in future…


  • Pen

    Her look is absolutely haunting! Def be sure to keep a look out for her and THOSE SHOES from your prev post! Esp the salmon coloured high heeled maryjanes! They’re so so PRETTTY!

  • mawie.

    Well, not a lot of pretty girls in France, that’s why. That’s my opinion. but yeah, the selected ones we see on the runways are quite delicious for our eyes.