VIDEO: Cara Delevingne for Burberry Body Tender

Cara Delevingne‘s modeling fame just blew up over the past month thanks to being booked for almost every show at fashion week. The IT model literally got mobbed by fans everywhere and her Instagram following is close to a million… a million!

Launched just in time with all these hype is the new Burberry fragrance from the Body series – the new Body Tender. The new scent is lighter than the original, contains a fresh surge of lemon, dewy English rose and white jasmine.

Check out the video of Cara looking super stunning as always and very womanly posing for the camera in a classic Burberry trench for the campaign video. The soundtrack is by British musician Misty Miller who did the cover of “Happy Together” for Burberry Acoustic (which was played at the recent Fall 2013 show as well).