Top male models Fall ’10

This season in menswear fashion week, it’s British invasion on the runways… Charlie France, William Eustace, Jacob Coupe, Robbie Wadge and Jeremy Young all did really well, booking one coveted show after another. While the top male catwalker is not unveiled, it’s pretty obvious the following fellas rocked the showlist for Fall ’10.

Charlie France

Total shows: 19, including (BEST of Milan shows) Prada, Gucci, Jil Sander. YSL, Dior Homme, Hermes (opened and closed), Raf Simons and Lanvin.

Charlie made a strong debut as an exclusive for Jil Sander Fall ’09, and then starring in the Burberry campaign alongside Emma Watson ph by Mario Testino. The next season for Spring ’10, he opened Burberry as an exclusive, and walked Hugo Boss in the same season, also as an exclusive. Fall ’10 is considered as he first season being… free, and all the bookings just poured in his way.

William Eustace

Total shows: 19, including Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Jil Sander, YSL, Raf Simons, Dunhill.

William has easily one of the most intense looks on the runways, maybe that’s why he’s been walking more than 15 shows for two consecutive seasons. Scoring the ck Calvin Klein campaign must have given him a boost too. His campaign list just gets better and better— McQ for Fall ’08, Lanvin for Spring ’09, ck Calvin Klein for Fall ’09… so what’s coming up?

Jakob Hybholt

Total shows: 18, including Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Lanvin, Dries van Noten. Closed Gianfranco Ferre. The boyish good looks of this Dane continues to charm. Check out this video of him backstage at Tim Hamilton, really cool personality!

Arthur Daniyarov

Opened Jil Sander, Versace and Dries van Noten. Most popular #1 face of the season, and Raf Simons still has a thing for him.

Kim Dall Armi

Opened Prada as an exclusive. Last two seasons’ Prada mens openers, Nicolas Ripoll and Jacob Coupe, their careers literally exploded following the gig, so watch out for Kim.

Oskar Tranum

Fresh new face who debuted at Prada (#2) as an exclusive in Milan, went on to close Viktor & Rolf and Dunhill in Paris. Don’t really wanna throw in a random Twilight joke, but this dude is so Edward Cullen.

Marcel Castenmiller

Opened Gucci. Enough said!


  • dinie

    is it just me or the male models are getting thinner and thinner. oooh and i love this post.

  • Laila Lu

    yeah i noticed that too, but their skinny is still toned!

  • Gabbie

    I my opinion, i don’t think so. They’re well better off I think than the women ones

  • O

    yeah theyre getting pretty freaking thin. the only toned where i saw was dolce and gabbana. and i saw thin models there! i cant even imagine these guys in real life. i hate the male models look and i want it back to how it was. its sad because these guys are very beautiful but their body ruins it.

  • j

    why aren’t there men of color or ethnicity they all European or Caucasian