Too Fierce to Handle – The Society Management


After months of rumors and speculations and people referring to them as “the secret agency”,The Society Management has finally unveiled its launching look yesterday and wow, they do have a really strong board for starters. Check this out on their site, I don’t think I will ever look at GIFs the same way ever again.

The roster of models included a mix of veteran and new faces. Established models like Sigrid Agren, Ming Xi and Cora Emmanuel (three of them are previously from FORD New York) are all on board, plus the inimitable Lindsey Wixson who came from Marilyn. The new agency is under the ELITE global network but not to be confused with ELITE New York. FYI, all the Elite agencies in North America have nothing to do with that global network as the franchise was sold off long ago.

Keep an eye out for further developments from The Society Management… things are starting to get interesting from here.