This season… the mole is back

Isn’t it pretty funny? Coincidental or not, three most watched new comers have that iconic Cindy Crawford mole.

Kendra Spears of FORD

Kendra, a Ford Supermodel of the World myspace contestant, has walked quite a number of coveted runways for Spring 09′. And with the upcoming BCBG and GAP campaigns already on the list, you know she’s gonna be big. She will probably walk loads of New York shows next season, be ready for that.

Ymre Stiekema of ELITE

This 16 year old 1) opened Prada 2) is the only girl for Prada resort 3) also the only girl for Prada linea rossa 4) is most probably going to be the face of Prada, along with a few other girls. 5) is also probably under an exclusive Prada contract. Though she lacks the usual alien-ish blanks looks that they have always favoured, this overdose of PRADA might make her a future star, or not.

Kiki Kang of ELITE

Kiki (what a name!) walked Jean Paul Gaultier this season, her only major show. But her mention at had people buzzing about this chinese newcomer.

Is that mole position sexy or what?

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  • Liza

    ooh, ooh, i have a cindy crawford mole , check me out:/Users/zaza7121/Desktop/my portrait.jpg

  • mythos

    great, but I prefer the original cindy crawford, you can see in the new French Vogue!

  • Christina

    ehhh… kinda bizarre… to close to the lip

  • aaron

    maybe ymre will be the next sasha- swallowed and chewed up by the miuccia machine only to be unceremoniously spat out three years later.